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  • Tell me about your home gym!

    Dh and I have crunched some numbers, and the cost of joining the gym vs getting the basics for a home gym breaks even at about 6-7 months.

    we currently have the pull up bar, and do a lot of body-weight stuff. my DH loves to lift weights and develop strength (eg, PRs in squatting, dead lifting, etc), and that's just his thing. I also enjoy the process -- though i tend not to be as attached to numbers as he is.

    the benefits of the home gym, beyond cost, is that it also makes it easier for us to get to the gym. the gym we would join is on the other side of town, so we'd have to fit it in around work, walk there, work out, and then catch the bus home. doing this takes awy from work/creative time, and creates another activity around which we would have to figure out how to care for DS. likewise, with the way DH cycles his weights, he might work out every 10 days, then every 4, and then 7 days later, and then 5 days after that or what have you. Which means, it wouldn't be a set schedule with DS.

    So, having a home gym frees up time.

    If you built one for yourself -- what do you have?

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    My home gym consists of of a handrail over at the top of a stairway for pullups, a playground 2 blocks from my house and a 10 lb sledghammer


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      Here's mine ... I've had it for almost 3 years, and I love it!! Well-built piece of machinery, and costs much less than the Chuck Norris endorsed 'Total 'Gym'!!
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        I wish I had the space for a home gym. The gym my wife and I joined is kind of silly (even from a non-primal view point). It has minimal free weights and space to use them in. No place to do things like power cleans. You're not allowed to grunt excessively or make loud noises. Not allowed to drop weights (but I hate doing that, if you can pick it up, you should set it down IMO. Much better workout that way IMO). But, 10 bucks a month (each) can't be beat and it's pretty close.


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          variable-weight DIY sandbags (10-30 pounds), a door frame I can use to work on pulling up/chinning (I still can't do it but I'M TRYING!), a desk chair for doing rolling-knee-tuck planks, an interval timer, and the internet to stream videos while I sweat. I want to add a dip stand to that - but what I've got works swimmingly.


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            Craigslist for a power rack and a barbell set would be your best bet.


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              I have a power rack in my living room that I built myself. And a pull-up bar in my kitchen. This is what I call my "complete home gym" and then people laugh.


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                Pullup grips that fit over a closed door.
                5 lb ankle weights
                11 lb dumbbellls
                15 lb dumbbells
                A back pack
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                  I have free weights, a ball, some mats and a galon jug I use for a kettle bell.. and some bands, when all else fails bands are great.. oh and my jump rope which I should use more....

                  I have a gym around the block from me that I use to belong to, but now with a little one and 50hr work weeks its impossible to get to the gym.

                  If money is the issue and you have health insurance check out if they cover the gym. I know my health insurance will reimburse me my gym fees if I go to they gym atleast 3 times a week and have it stamped and have my reciept for paying..


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                    i have a power tower that i use for pull ups and dips, and a 50 lb sandbag. the rest of my gym is me, meaning my own body weight.


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                      mine is in the basement so I have low ceiling and no real doorway so no pull up bar - it's the only thing it's missing. here is what it has:

                      1. an airdyne exercise bike - one of those where you move your arms and legs and the resistance is air through a fan - it is good for slow movement and interval sprints.

                      2. kettlebells of different weights - thats my lift heavy things

                      3. medicine ball - I just got this - it's fun (my play). I would like to get a medicine ball rebounder, but they're a little expensive.

                      that's it. what do you think?


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                        1000+ lbs of free weights
                        PowerBlock DB's that go up to 130
                        Body Solid Smith Machine with 200lb lat pull/low seated row attachment
                        Body Solid leg press/hack squat
                        Body Solid free standing squat machine/calf raise
                        Nautilus seated calf raise
                        Nautilus pullup tree
                        Body Solid pec dec/rear delt machine
                        Body Solid plate loaded seated row
                        Body Solid seated leg curl/leg extension machine
                        Nautilus angled ab board
                        Seated plate loaded tricep dip machine
                        Various Olympic bars, pushup stands, ab balls, etc


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                          Just bought my brother's pull up/dip thingy, some weights, flex bands for assisted pull ups, a tire and a sledge hammer, bike, hoola hoop from a hippie, garage steps for box jumps and a jump rope.
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                            Doorway pullup bar. Old duffel filled with stuff (between 30 and 50 pounds, depending on the stuff).
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                              I have a floor, for push ups