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  • Frisbee :-D

    Threw a frisbee (um, plastic flying disc) around with my son today and I was running after it, jumping to catch it, and not huffing and puffing while I did so. And I haven't even lost a ton of weight yet! (21 lbs down, probably at least another 50 to go). My son said he thinks he's found his new favorite sport

    Some questions though. Um, how the hell do you get good at this? Whenever I threw right handed it curved left and the one time I threw left handed it curved right.

    Any tips on how to master the art of throwing these things?

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    Frisbee is awesome. Once you get more comforatable just throwing, think about looking for an ultimate frisbee league or pick-up game in your area. It adds an additional level of challenge to work with a team. I never liked team sports until I started playing ultimate.

    Here's a guide on how to throw backhand

    And here's one for forehand
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      Thanks! Apparently it's more complicated than I thought, lol!


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        I love "Frisbee" play! Look for a Disk Golf course in your area! It's all the fun of Golf without the frustration!
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          you just throw the damn thing


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            LOL! I just threw the damn thing and it didn't go where I wanted it to, that's my problem

            I also have sore shoulders after doing that. Huh, guess there are muscles I wasn't using!


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              it's in the wrist then