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Everyday movements = Exercise? What's your non-workout workout?

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    Old thread but I'd like to re-activate
    I'm moving houses and am packing boxes, cleaning the rooms and today we brought boxes from one house to the other, taking the stairs and it took around 90 min net. Can I call this aorkout? did some yoga afterwards and feel pretty sore now


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      I work in an office job, so fitting "movements" into my day is essential.

      My desk is on the fourth floor of the building, so one thing that I do is to force myself to use the restroom on the first floor of the building. Taking these four flights of stairs, two or three times p/day, probably burns a hundred or so extra calories each day.


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        3 hours of "play" today as exercise:

        2 hours of sledding: Pulling 35lb kid up hill repeatedly. Pushing down hill. Balance skill as I made some successful attempts at using the sled as a snowboard . Some tuck and roll practice with the not successful attempts.

        1 hour of making a snowman family of four. That middle part of the body can be dang heavy when your snowman is over six foot tall! So yea, lots of pushing and a couple near max lifts of bolder size snow bellies.