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  • a question for fitness gurus

    I've been doing some stair climbing at work to break up my sitting on my arse all day and get a bit of movement and exercise.... 5 flights (which is about 100 steps) couple or 3 times a day.

    I was taking my high heels off and going up barefoot. But owwwwwww my calves were in agony in the weekend. If I leave my shoes on, then I struggle with insane lactic acid burn in my thighs and can barely make it up (yeah I know, terribly unfit but working to change it)

    Whats the story. It is much easier to do the stairs barefoot, and I dont huff and puff anywhere near as much as with shoes. Should I take my shoes off and stretch out my calves before going up??? Is it because they're shortened wearing high heels and then I'm suddenly going flat footed and that's the issue. Perhaps it will get better this week.

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    barefoot is definitely the best option. your calves will be sore for a little while, but that will go away as you get stronger. wearing heels will just make you work different muscles, meaning you're not using your calves nearly as much.
    you could certainly switch off to employ different muscles each time...i only recommend barefoot because it's way better for your feet and legs, and it's safer.


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      Always, always better to move in a way that is biomechanically natural. You feel lactic acid burn when climbing in high heels because your quads are doing all the work when your calves should be taking some of it, and your legs are accommodating a weird raised heel position when you should be moving naturally from flat heel to raised heel with every step. Your calves hurt when you go barefoot because wearing heels all the time causes insanely tight calves and short heel cords.

      Ditch the heels (entirely if you can, but I understand your work might require them, barbaric as that is) for exercise. But work on your ankle mobility so you don't kill your calves! This is a really good stretch for that.
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        I have ankle mobility problems on my right foot from wearing high heels (and a bunion as well). Ick! I say take off the heels when you are stair climbing and stretch your calves really well before hand. When climbing stairs try to get your whole foot on them and concentrate on pushing through your heel.
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          thanks people. Am going to do that ankle stretch from the vid (thanks for that) and continue to remove shoes before stair climbing. But removing heels from my life completely, no way


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            Wow that calf /ankle stretch is really good.