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Workout change up? LHT?



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  • Workout change up? LHT?

    I think I need to change up my workouts. Probably adding more LHT and less HIIT? I'm down 30#, stronger, starting to see some definition in my back, arms, and legs. But my middle and tush are still total squish. Now I know that abs are made in the kitchen and thus my diet is 100% primal right now.

    Here's where I am at the moment. Thoughts/encouragement appreciated.

    Mon and Wed I have 2 hours at the gym while my littles have gymnastics. I walk on the treadmill before and after my workouts while catching up on my reading on the iPad cause I love, love, love to read.

    Mondays - I focus on upper body and core using TRX straps, pushups, planks, bicep curls with a little 20 pound bar. Then I do 4 sets of 30-second maximum effort sprint intervals on the treadmill with the treadmill turned off - those are a killer. I push myself to work hard and make good use of that time, but currently most all of my LHT is just bodyweight excercise.

    Wed - focus on lower body and core using TRX straps, squats, jump squats, and I run the track kind of in intervals: run to corner bag, 10 kicks per leg, sprint to opposite corner and bounce medicine ball off rebounder front and each side, sprint to TRX and do oblique blanks, then repeat 4 times.

    The other days I just try to fit in activity as I am able. Sunday I walked the dog 3 miles of trails and we used a free gym pass to go swimming. Tuesday I squeezed in a couple sets of pushups and took my oldest to the library - we jogged/walked there and back. We try to do some trail hiking/exploring a couple times per month.

    I enjoy my workouts, but don't feel very challenged anymore except when I do the sprint intervals - which make me want to puke. I can't remember the last time I felt sore the next day. How do I start with lifting? I fully admit to being scared of the downstairs area of the gym with the big weights and big dudes lifting. Upstairs I have bars, hand weights, kettlebell, TRX, and the place mostly to myself.

    FWIW - I'm hoping to make one change at a time. Is it more worthwhile to add in a third day of bodyweight excercises (would be at home, so no equipment) or to add in more lifting on the 2 days I'm at the gym?

    Thanks for your time - cause I know I probably shared way TMI.

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    So, you're kind of doing what Martin Berkhan refers to as fuckarounditis. If you're lifting heavy things, why are you running and kicking things? Intervals have no place in lifting heavy things. They're fine for HIIT, but not for LHT.

    LHT should be focused on big compound movements and only those movements. It's not a conditioning session. I'm an iron hound, I love squatting and deadlifting, but you can easily do a great LHT workout using only bodyweight. But focus. Stop messing around.

    LHT should be focused on three things (maybe four): a push, a pull, and a squat. Hinges (deadlifts) are also good. Your squats and deadlifts will firm up the butt.

    TRX is fine, if you're using them for pushes (dips, ring type pushups), pulls (body rows/aussie pullups/actual pullups). Do some squats or modificiations thereof (tuck jumps, box jumps, one legged squats) and you're 90% there.


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      So you are saying that I should not be combining HIIT and LHT in the same day.

      As for squats - I can do a lot of squats without much effort. Is it better to add weight (kettlebell) or movement - box jumps. Or do some of both.

      I had to look up "deadlift" on youtube the other day to figure out what they heck people were talking about. So yeah - help appreciated. Thanks!


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        You should not combine HIIT and LHT in the same day. Or at least definitely not in the same workout.

        I keep going back to the 5 essential movements: Push, pull, press, squat, core (plank)

        If squats are too easy you can always work on one-leg and pistol squats. There are plenty of other threads around here that discuss things like Al Kavadlo and Convict Conditioning, which both offer seriously challenging progressions in body-weight only exercises.

        I think fuckarounditis and Cronic Cardio are very similar things. Working out because you know you need to work out, but no real focus or no idea of what you are wanting to get out of that specific workout.
        Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....


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          I do pushups or bench press, squats or dead lifts, shoulder presses, reverse push ups or pull ups and planks when I work out and it's been awesome. I think you'd enjoy it and see faster results with the compound movements. You have great advice above, just had to +1 it. I'm not super strong yet, I'm doing a lot of body weight or assisted lifts (push ups and pull ups), but you'll be surprised how quickly you can get stronger if you focus like suggested. It's very motivating!