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What should carb intake be for half-marathon training?

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  • What should carb intake be for half-marathon training?

    30 year-old female, 135 lbs, and I will start training for my 3rd half-marathon next week. I'm new to Paleo/Primal so this will be my first training period eating this way. I've got 2 questions: 1) what should my carb intake be for half-marathon training, and 2) what Primal fuel do you recommend I carry on my long runs?

    As far as what my training plan will look like: 4 runs a week, mixed up of short sprints, a moderate run, and 1 longer run, each week.

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    Low Carbohydrate Training

    and these guys do ultras.


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      I'd caution against running a half-marathon the low-carb style (I'd probably also caution against running your 3rd half-marathon for that matter - you have shown that you can do it, so now you could train for something more useful, but this is a different story...) if your metabolism is currently set for carbs.

      I'd go with P2.0 carbs though - yams, (sweet) potatoes, rice - during the training. For the run I would use whatever people use (glucose gels or whatever this is) and wouldnt worry too much about my insulin response when running....


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        I have run 2 half marathons low-carb. The first was on probably fewer than 50 grams of carbs per day. I just stuck with the normal way I eat. Meat, veggies and fruits as a treat. The night before I ate about a pound of roast beef. Had about 6 whole macadamia nuts the morning of the run. That's it. Did fine. My last half was with a 35 lbs rucksack. You don't need all the extra carbs in my experience.

        Thor, why would you recommend against running it low-carb?
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          Once fat adapted, there is no need for extra carbs. I never even eat before training and my workouts are very high energy. Its a great feeling when you don't need to eat constantly to feel right.


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            I ran a half marathon in the summer on a moderate carb primal diet. I'm a very slow plodder, but the only thing I did different to normal was to eat a sweet potato the night before. I certainly didn't notice any difference in performance from pre-primal days.

            Long runs I just went for water with electrolyte replacement tabs...but only over 10 miles. Under 10, just water.

            I'm much lower carb these days and about to start running again (after injury) in prep for a few half marathons in 2013 and really interested to see if/how the lower carb diet will affect me.