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Good heart rate watch/chest strap and interval timer?

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  • Good heart rate watch/chest strap and interval timer?

    Can anyone suggest a good heart rate watch (one that is accurate so I'm assuming there has to be a strap to put around your chest and possibly an interval timer watch as well (would be real nice to have an all in one for these purposes. My budget is around $50-75.


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    I have a Gymboss timer that works pretty well: Gymboss Interval Timer, Gymboss Timer, Interval Timer |
    I ordered two. One seemed to malfunction, but "fixed itself" somehow and the other has always worked fine. I can't really feel the vibration if I use it for sprinting, but the beep is plenty loud enough.

    I have no experience with heart-rate monitors.


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      I love my Polar.... strap works with most large Gym exercise equip that checks HR, so then you don't have to hold the handles just wear the strap! My watch gave up after 5 years but all I need to do is get a new one somethime.
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        thanks guys. Trying to not spend too much and would really just want an interval timer with a heart rate sensor built in. Will keep the polar in mind.


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          I had a Garmin 350... but it wasn't that price. Maybe you can find one used?
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            there are hiit timers on phone apps that work real well