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  • Rest days

    I was wondering what counts as a rest day? a day where you dont do any real exercise at all or does a gentle couple of mile stroll where you dont really exert yourself count as a rest day too?

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    Walking is always good. It will not negate any benefits of a rest day and will, if anything, help you recover. Hiking or trekking for really long distances might impact recovery negatively on a rest day, but a nice gentle stroll is always good.


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      ya walking is good even on hard days. i bust my hump all week on ud2 so friday other than my job which im on my feet all day, i make this my rest/play day. golf or hell even playing ps3 for a few hours. its really how u feel that day. like mark says listen to your body if u feel like walkin then walk.

      also i do yoga on rest. good way to meditate and clear your mind.
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        i dont really ever feel like sitting on my ass at all and definitely feel better for getting out in the fresh air. so i sorta wondered how rest days were defined. some days i dont want to walk real fast or go up big hills and others i do, so i will keep on doing that.


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          A stroll is restful. So is light play.
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            When I have a nasty workout sometimes I don't do anything the next day. I think taking a nice stroll though is never ever a bad thing. My understanding and experience has been that a nice walk is great for recovery.

            Primal style though if Grok killed a beast and ate to capacity (something I do after a nasty workout) I don't think he did much the next day in all reality due to recovery and the nutrition uptake.