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Can you recommend me any good workout DVD's?

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  • Can you recommend me any good workout DVD's?

    I can't afford a gym right now. So I think the next best thing is to purchase a workout DVD. But with so many in the market it's saturated. I would like to lose weight primarily and then get that ripped look but also be functionally strong. Also a workout DVD that follows the Primal Blueprint principles would be awesome. Most likey a requirement that it follows the Primal Blueprint principles. That takes the P90X workout DVD out and not sure about Insanity either. Not sure about second version of P90X that's coming out either.

    I have started eating Primal but still working on getting the fitness routine down. To tell you the truth I'm not sure if a workout DVD do work or not.

    I hope someone here can help me out with this. Thank you.

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    Maybe buy a pull up bar and do this instead of a DVD:

    Or perhaps down the Primal Blueprint Fitness ebook?
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      get in the squat rack, bro


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        ^ lifting heavy is the fastest way to results...... but if you don't live somewhere that you can do overhead squats and throw the bar to the floor, I really like TacFit. Two days a week you do six bodyweight exercises, Tabata-style (8 sets of 20:10 without stopping for each exercise). Then you go through the warm-up or cool-down routine 2 days a week. The advertising for it is embarssingly cheesy, but I liked the videos, I think the guy is really good and the exercises are really different.

        Also, kettlebells! Get 2 different sizes for less than 2 months gym membership and you can work everything with those.
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