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What workout or exercise works for you

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  • What workout or exercise works for you

    I am really bored of exercise, i tried almost everything from exercise to yoga to diet but nothing is satisfactory to me. Now I am planning to try some supplements?

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    Satisfactory in what way? Are you bored by it? Or just not seeing the results you want?
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      you have to be clear about what you want to achieve from your exercise, and then you pick some exercise that suits this.

      do you want to have some general level of fitness and are not interested in getting swole, for example? then maybe some recreational sport league in your town is all you need.

      do you want to get swole, or be able to squat 500 lbs? then you will design your training accordingly and stick to it until you reach your goal.


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        I get bored very easily with my workouts. However, I have been using the routines, and really like them. I currently do the beginner back/biceps, leg, and chest routines. These are splits that I do three days per week. I am using a weighted vest now to up the intensity. I like these because they are relatively short workouts, but are varied circuits that thus far have kept my interest.