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New to PB....some advice please on workout structure

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  • New to PB....some advice please on workout structure

    Hi all,

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    After plugging away in the gym for the last few months and seeing a modest reduction in terms of weight loss, I purchased PB and have decided that I am going to embrace the PB lifestyle. I have found the changes in eating pretty easy to adapt to but it has only been one week. No real weight loss yet but I have already started to experience other benefits such as an overall improvement in well being and a noticeable reduction in aches and pains.

    My question is...Can you or should you do cardio and weights on the same day?

    What I have been doing is 3 days on followed by 1 day focussing on a particular body part/s using heavy free weights followed by 30 minutes of heavy cardio (usually keeping my HR around 130-140 BPM). Strength has increased quite a bit and I have put on some muscle mass but as I said weight loss has been not what I expected. From reading the forums I suspect that I am overtraining and probably bordering on doing chronic cardio. I am also concerned that my current structure might be stressing my body too much and releasing a lot of cortisol. Dont get me wrong though, I love working out and I love training hard. i havent felt this good in a long time.

    Would a better workout structure be full body workouts 3 times a week with seperate cardio sessions 3 times a week? eg: weights on Mon-Wed- Fri and cardio Tue- Thu-Sat. I also realise that my cardio sessions need to be cut back in terms of intensity to ensure that my HR only rises to around 60% of max. i know a lot of you advocate body weight workouts and exercising outside but I really would like to utilise my gym membership as much as possible given that I am locked in for 12 months.

    i am also looking to throw in 2 judo classes a week as well.

    My primary goal is fat loss and I have quite a way to go. I'm 188cm (6'2") and 126kg (277 lbs) and at my heaviest 18 months ago i weighed in at 140kgs (308 lbs). I managed to achieve this weight loss by simply cutting back on the amount of carbs I was eating.

    i am hoping that PB will help me get of my diabetes meds (Type 2 but on insulin) and that I can achieve the levels of success that some of those on this forum have achieved.

    Thanks everyone.
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    no, all you have to do is squat three times a week.

    cardio is for the birds.

    remember, "i don't run from nothin'"


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      Cardio workouts should include two different things each week: 3-5 hours of walking, and 1-3 minutes of sprinting. How you break up that time is up to you, but most people seem to walk nearly every day, and sprint once or twice a week for up to 8 sprints of about 20 seconds.

      Every benefit you get from running at a medium pace for mile after mile you also get from this combination, with less likelihood of overtraining. It's almost impossible to overtrain while walking, and sprinting, if done correctly, will quickly break you down if you do it more than twice a week or so.


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        This is why I love Crossfit there is a little cardio and lots of strength, interval type stuff
        I think a mixture is good, but yes as someone said no need for lots of cardio And Welcome