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Started exercising --> gained 8 pounds?!

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    Regular weigh-ins generally cause nothing but misery. Pay more attention to how you look and feel and weigh yourself infrequently.
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      I'm another recent convert to exercise. It's like a light switch has been turned on in my mind. Fir the first few weeks that I was exercising my weight went up & I couldn't understand it. Quite honestly my appetite is slightly higher than it was & my calorie intake did go up for a few weeks. When I counted calories I was surprised that although it was Primal it was fairly high in calories. This seems to have all balanced itself out again though - my appetite has lessened again, even though I have kept up the exercise & my calorie intake has dropped down naturally. And interestingly the weight gain & more has gone and I'm losing weight well again. Maybe any change to the status quo that the body is used to results in unexplainable results?