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  • Better Exercise?

    Hey guys,

    Recovering from some health issues and adrenal problems/digestive issues. Fatigue is an issue. I am gaining strength and stamina again but need to be careful not to overdo it. I have two different workout routines that i can follow. Which do you guys think is better for recovery/strength/muscle gains/health?

    Option 1: M/W/F - 5 bodyweight exercises for 3 sets (squats, push, pull, abs, low back) alternated then repeated. T/TH - cardio of some sort
    Weekends - off

    Option 2: M/TH - 5 bodyweight exercises (squats/abs, push/pull, low back) except supersetted (pushups, pullups, pushups, pullups, pushups pullups) THEN legs/abs, legs/abs. This is a lot less recovery
    W - rest day
    Tu/F - cardio

    The second option is more intense and requires more recovery but also in the long run probably better for gaining muscle and revving metabolism up higher. Eventually i will be able to do Option 2 three times a week. What you guys think?

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    Why are you doing "cardio"?
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      Shitcan the abs. You don't need it and it's wasted energy (if fatigue is an issue) that could be used on better exercise . Also, if you tire easily, supersetting might be counter productive. I would focus on either strength or stamina. I would go with option 1. Honestly, try to make it as simple as possible.

      On a different note, one of my favorite bodyweight exercises is the pike press.
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        Just move! Lift something heavy for about 10-15 minutes maybe two days a week, sprint every 7-10 days for about 10 minutes, take a nice long walk or a rougher 2 hour hike or bike ride, squat, pullups and dips~!
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          My routine more looks like your option #2. I also pull an hour on the bike, training for some summer riding.

          So far so good I guess.


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            Option 2 is better, but you really don't need to increase the frequency of those workouts, or your body will be unable to recover before the next workout, if you are doing them at a sufficient intensity.