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  • insanity program and diet

    Anyone here doing the insanity program from beachbody? If you are, how has your primal eating changed (a little more carbs?, what about calories, how much more are you eating?) Did you lose weight with the program? I'd still like to lose the last 10 lbs but am wondering about how to adapt my diet.

    If it helps I'm 2/3rds of the way done the program, and I positively love the results I'm getting (no weight loss but a whole heck of toning esp in my midsection) so I plan to keep on doing it half of the time, the other half of the time running long slow runs a few days/ week. I realize the program isn't what one would think of primal fitness to be though its definitely not just chronic cardio either. Thoughts?


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    you gotta squat, son!!

    I don't do dvd workouts, son!!


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      I've never done Insanity, and P90X drove me up a wall with how repetitive it got. That said, my fiance loves doing workouts off DVDs. Having someone to "compete against" is what drives her to work out regularly. So if that's what trips your trigger, keep at it (and ignore above^). I would anticipate having some starchy carbs (sweet potatoes, white rice, etc.) after a workout would be good for recovery, but I'm not the person to ask on that
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        Don't overthink it. Stay primal until you bonk. If you bonk. (are you eating primal?) I'm doing P90X2 and haven't had to add carbs at all. It's been fine. Many mornings I'll IF with BP coffee and then workout before lunch. No problems.

        I don't workout 6 days a week though. More like 4-5 and I try to get outside whenever possible.
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          mightstone2k, I really like this program. I've been an athlete my entire life, playing competitively in college and today. I've run a marathon and a bunch of half-m's, etc. And nothing has transformed my body the way insanity is, its pretty cool.

          Good thoughts dave155. I felt at the beginning like I could bonk but honestly I've only gotten stronger. I've eaten primal for quite a few years now, before that I had a traditional foods diet (similar to primal but add in homemade fermented sourdough bread). Because the nature of this workout is so different, I wasn't sure if I should adjust my diet too. I think you're right I'll just keep on keeping on and see how it goes. I'm also thinking that by fasting before working out I'll improve my weight loss too.


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            I destroyed my previous mile time once completing Insanity. I went on to Asylum as well. These are pretty intense programs, that some might consider chronic cardio. Whatever. I wasn't primal while doing these programs, was actually a vegetarian. I would definitely add in some sweet potato/white rice if I were to do it now (probably everyday given the schedule).

            Anyways, I did notice a definite loss in strength after completing Insanity. I did a round of P90X prior to Insanity. My strength returned pretty quickly after lifting again.
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