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Any cyclists out there?

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  • Any cyclists out there?

    Good morning fellow Primal Blueprinters.

    I am a cycling addict and barely started the primal blueprint. I was reading that with this lifestyle I should really tone down on my training. Normally on my rides/trainings I tend to go intense (75% - 90% HR intervals) for at least 2 hours. I would really hate to lower the intensity of my rides. Do any of you have any tips? should I carb up before a ride? Or what can I take along on the ride to get some fuel. I don't want to damage my body or loose muscle tissue.

    Any tip is greatly appreciated.

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    As a supplement to Mark's book / blog, check out Friel and Cordain's Paelo Diet for Athletes book. Friel is a great cycling coach which you probably already know if you are as in to cycling as you appear to be from your post.
    I can't offer advice to your training since you didn't list your goals so you may be doing fine. Are you racing crits, "rallying", road racing ? It all depends and will change through the year as you approach racing season (if that's what you doing).
    If you're just a fitness cyclist, then you are overdoing the time, but maybe not the intensity.


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      Yes, check out The Paleo Diet for Athletes. I've found that I really haven't needed as much "carb" fuel as I thought. And if you find you are running low and NEED it, well, then.... you need it. No worries.

      I'm recreational (no racing) and my intensity is certainly lower than you, but I also love to ride.

      As far as intensity goes, my opinion is that all of the "chronic cardo" talk is WAY overdone.

      If your worst sin is too much cycling, so be it! Live and enjoy your life!