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    I'm not new to low carb - high protein nutrition but I have fallen off the wagon a number of times since my first introduction to Atkins about a decade ago. I'm back on a low-carb / high protein / sorta paleo eating regimen and am again losing weight rather quickly. I had lost about 50 pounds (half of what I needed to) about two years ago and kept it off. Now the rest is going to go.

    I've become a cyclist over the past year and the carb crazy crowd keeps telling me that low carb and endurance sports are not compatible. Bovine biscuits. The weather hasn't let me back on the bike for a while, but I just went to the gym and did a 45 minute intermediate level spin class, followed by 15 minutes of fast walking, another 45 minutes on the eliptical trainer at 200+ watts, another 30 minutes of walking to cool down, and I feel like I could do it again. Muscle soreness finally slowed me down, not fatigue or lack of energy. I'm wide awake and feel great.

    Not bad considering that I haven't touched starch or sugar for two weeks and my pre-workout meal was turkey breast, feta cheese, and chopped peppers and onions in a lettuce leaf rollup. Gatorade and carbo energy bars be darned.

    Any other endurance athletes here?

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    Keep up the good work! I wouldn't consider myself an endurance athlete, but last September I ran a marathon eating Paleo. The morning of the race all I ate were eggs. So those carb crazies be 'carb loading 'required!

    I love debunking CW!


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      Add some fat into that diet- you'll find it's a lot easier to stay on the plan.


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        No worries astronmr20. I've got plenty of fats in there as I eat red meat, dark poultry, salmon, mackrel, shrimp, nuts (love almonds and walnuts), natural peanut butter, small amounts of cheese, eggs, avacadoes, olives, almond milk, and use olive, canola, and walnut oils in my cooking. The problem in staying on plan hasn't been dissatisfaction with the diet, but rather the social inconvenience and just plain laziness on my part.

        Today the weather turned and it got to 48F and sunny so the bike came out. Three hours and 40 miles later I felt pretty good but kind of bonked. I made some protein pancakes with almond flour, whey protein, an egg and almond milk and topped that with just a tablespoon of all-fruit blueberry spread. The small amount of carbs seemed to be all I needed. I even went out for another short ride this evening to try out my new bike lights.
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