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  • Slow Burn at home

    I recently read "The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution" by Fred Hahn and Doctors Mike and Mary Dan Eades and am intrigued enough to want to give it a try. I'd like to work with a trainer in a gym setting, at least to get started, but can't find anyone within a reasonable distance who offers such training. This leaves me with two options.

    1. Join properly equipped gym and bring the book with me to teach myself.


    2. Spend some money on decent home equipment and have a go at it in my living room.

    I would welcome and appreciate any advice from anyone experienced with the routine. In particular Id like to know if it can be effectively done in a home setting.

    Thanks in advance.


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    What excersises does the program call for?


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      There are 11 excercises listed as follows...

      Neck Extension

      Chest Press

      Knee Flexion

      Leg Press

      Hip Adduction

      Lat Pulldowns

      Shoulder Side Rises

      Overhead Shoulder Press

      Rowing Torso

      Biceps Curl


      Abdominal Crunches

      These are all demonstrated on individual machines in a gym. The workout is modified for those choosing to do it at home. Some of the modifications include sit ups and leg curls and lifts using ankle weights. I'm just wondering how much success one could expect from performing the "at home" version.


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        You can do all of those using a good set of bands and your bodyweight at home.

        The only one that would need substitution would be leg press -- you would do single leg squat, pistols or band squats.

        IMO - there is too much isolation work in the routine. i'd stick to the compound movements like squat, bench, deads, oh press and add bodyweight movements on a different day like pushup, pullups, pike presses, single leg squats and plyometrics drills.


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          Thanks for the advice arthurb. I'll give it a go and see where it leads me!