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Please critique my form (again): Overhead press and deadlift

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  • Please critique my form (again): Overhead press and deadlift

    Many of you offered extremely helpful observations and suggestions in response to my recent squatting video.

    I've just uploaded these videos of my overhead press and deadlift in hopes of getting some more pointers on my form.

    Thanks in advance for taking a look at either or both of these videos and for your feedback.

    Overhead press:


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    On deadlift, you use your legs first and then pull with your back; what you should be doing is lifting it all at once, driving with the legs and hips and keeping the back straight. Try and hold your breath while doing this to help keep the spine aligned. Crane your neck upwards to make sure your back stays straight; looking ahead generally tweaks my form.

    Looking good otherwise; no lower back rounding so you just need to play with form a bit until it is completely correct.


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      I'm not proficient enough to give advice, but I think that it's really awesome that you're doing some serious lifting.

      Grok on!


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        mstrudle, a friend of mine made the same critique--pointed out that my deadlift is divided into two motions.. I'll try to remedy it by holding my breath as you advise. Thanks for commenting.

        Thanks, Prowler, for your encouragement! It's nice to hear :-)


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          Hey Hfox, good too see you are doing compound lifts

          I watched a few videos on youtube about these lifts:

          Overhead press -

          Deadlifts -

          There are more on youtube, and really great help, it took a few times before i got my lifts perfect.

          Have fun



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            OK new guy giving advice.

            On the press- Watch your spinal alignment. Seems like you are making up for lack of thoracic extension with lumbar extension. Tighten your abs and keep your lumbar spine in neutral position. Your split stance might be causing your hip flexors to arch your back a bit two. Stretch hip flexors and lats, work on thoracic extension.

            Cervical spine- Do not protrude your neck forward after the bar passes your head. The bar should travel backwards. Keep the chin tucked in and the cervical spine extended through the movement. Think of extending your whole spine from sacrum to the crown of the head.

            Deadlift- Load the hips more, try for your knees not to pas over the bar. You are making a hip dominant movement more quad dominant than it has to be and you already seem quad dominant enough (tight hip flexors). Really concentrate on pushing your hips back , the move should be hips back and drive hips forward. The Deadlift is a hip extension movement. Try and keep the shoulders over the feet at all times, do not bend forward, push your hips back.

            Do not extend your knees first, hip extension should move the bar, not knee extension. So sit back on those heels, thrust forward your hips and pull your head back.

            Cervical spine- your lumbar spine looks pretty good in this move but by extending your shin forward you are hyper extending your cervical spine. Again keep the shin tucked in through the movement and extend through the crown of the head. When you are in hip flexion you should be looking down at the floor. I do the same thing because I like to keep my eyes on a fixated point. I found the best way is to look at a point a few feet in front of you in the floor.

            Hope this helps.



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              Deadlift is one of my favorite lifts, so I'll start with that one. The other responses were correct, the hips are too slow in coming forward. When working with clients I focus on having the glutes fire first and strongest. This will help drive the hips forward while the legs extend. A deadlift is mostly a glute exercise and keeping that in mind can help with the form. Also, keep the bar in close to the legs, it hangs out in front right after passing the knees and this can load the back. Upper body looks good, just keep the shoulders retracted (shoulder blades pulled together), otherwise there is risk of injury to the shoulder joint.

              On the overhead press, you probably have too much weight right now. Its causing you to feel the need to rest at the top and bottom of the motion as well as the arch in your lower back. Engaging your core and keeping neutral spine throughout the movement is very important. Weights may drop for a bit, but you will remain uninjured and end up lifting more down the road.

              Hope this helps.