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  • LHT and bodyrock

    Right now I'm working with a trainer and we're currently working on barbell training. I just barely started (one week in) so I can't really tell much about the program because I left the info at the gym. Basically I'm going to use bodyweight, barbells, and free weights. I'm pretty weak so I can't lift too heavy yet. I'm wondering if I can also do bodyrock workouts on my off days. I'm new at this workout stuff so I have no idea how things work. I was told by a friend that bodyrock will lean out my muscles which works against what I'm trying to do with lifting heavy weights. This is all so confusing to me. I also do sprints and do a lot of walking, but I get so bored on my off days and I just want to move!

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    Your body will need time to rest. Keep your off days off.


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      Spend your off days going for a nice long walk.
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