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    hello all, i started going primal a month and a half ago and two weeks in got the low carb flu that you all refer to. anyway, i feel great now and have never had this much energy before. my question is, how much exactly is 100-150g of carbs? is that like a slice of bread? two slices? a bowl of rice? i'm having trouble relating the measurement to actual intake? is 150g the weight of the bread you eat?

    occassionally i'll have a peice of toast with grass fed butter with my bacon and eggs in the morning, which is a lot less carbs and sugar than the typical subway sandwich and three servings of rice i'd have throughout the day, two cans of coca cola and coffee with 3-4 sugars i'd eat and drink everyday...

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    It really depends on the exact make up of your food and how thick the slice, etc. Here, this site helps me when I'm counting macros.

    Nutrition facts, calories in food, labels, nutritional information and analysis –