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  • Yoga for beginners

    My yoga studio offers all kinds of yoga classes that are labeled all levels welcomed. I know there are controversial classes like Bikram, but what kinds would be good, safe choices?
    Don't let anybody tell you, "You can't" just because they can't.

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    Depends on what you want out of it. A workout? Stretching? Relaxation? Etc? Do you have any previous experience with yoga?


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      best thing is to just jump in and try them and see what you think.


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        I kinda want a little bit of everything... Especially if I do it a couple times a week. Some experience but not much.
        Don't let anybody tell you, "You can't" just because they can't.


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          I'd recommend a Vinyasa/power yoga type class then. Also, try to get to know the teacher's style before making any commitments. I've known some teachers that I adored as people, but the style of their class just didn't work for me.

          Also, if you're interested in the Bikram (couldn't tell, you just said it's controversial around here), wait. I just started it. I like it. But it's not something I'd recommend to someone with little yoga experience. At least at the studio I'm at, they aren't discussing proper alignment, but luckily I already know it from other classes.


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            Mmm I agree with zoebird, just go for them all!

            My personal experience is:

            - Hatha is good for deep stretching, and a bit more gentle 'coz it's slower paced.
            - Vinyasa/power was tough for me initially, but now it's my preferred style. It's a faster pace and dynamic.
            - Ashtanga freaked me out the first few times I tried it 'coz it's tough! Plus everyone else seemed to know what to do (and are all super toned) as it's pretty much a fixed sequence. Very dynamic.
            - Kundalini I tried only once, for me it was the toughest although it's slower paced, because I'm super stiff in my groin? inner thighs? Basically I am nowhere near doing a split. 90 degrees at the most -_- It's my lifelong work in progress.
            - Bikram I like for the discipline. Improves stability for me.

            Hope this helps a bit! Everyone is different so the only way to find out is to experiment with them all. Have fun!

            Btw has anyone tried Iyengar Yoga? Would love to hear their experience.


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              Oh also if you tell the instructor you're kinda new to this, they'll watch out for you so don't worry!