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How to get the funky smell out of my Five Fingers.....

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    Originally posted by EvRevFit View Post
    Quick, easy way is to put them in the washer, on their own, set it to medium or large load, and put a cupful of bleach in once it's almost full. It'll take the smell out and be diluted enough to not ruin the color. Just tried it myself the other day and it works wonders. The only concern I would have for long-term use of this method would be increased daily chemical exposure...
    I also wonder about the effects of repeated bleach exposure on the rubber soles and the elastic/lycra. My understanding is that bleach is damaging to those parts.
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      I soaked them in vinegar, baking soda and water last night, much better this morning......
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        I have an old pair of Merrell Trail Gloves that got seriously funky - the same basic deal as VFFs. In fact, I washed my VFFs the same day using this method:

        Spray generously (ok, soak them) in Nature's Miracle, which is an enzymatic odor remover you can get in any pet store.
        Soak a couple hours in hot vinegar water solution.
        Machine wash with some borax added.

        This got my "barefoot" shoes clean and fresh again. Just washing doesn't always get them fresh - especially if they get dirty and sweaty. My shoes get used for trail running, so they can get pretty nasty.