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Crossfit and Adrenal Fatigue

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  • Crossfit and Adrenal Fatigue

    I keep hearing how grueling Crossfit is. Does that make it a bad match for someone with adrenal fatigue? Would I be better off sticking with Primal Blueprint Fitness on my own?
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    Yes, it will worsen your adrenal fatigue, as any metabolic conditioning program will. Beating the crap out of yourself in a workout just becomes another stressor with which your already overloaded adrenals will have to cope.

    When my adrenals get maxed out, I cut back on the caffeine, try to get more sleep, and take ADHS by Biotics Research, available at Amazon. It is really awesome.

    Once you start feeling better and your adrenal performance and insulin sensitivity improve, you can ramp up your workouts, if that's something you still want to do.

    Otherwise, the fitness principles Mark espouses here should be plenty until you get your other issues in order.


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      I'm confident I have AF, and I do Crossfit.

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        Not sure of your experience with Crossfit or which box you go to. Recently attended a Trainer course which went well, and learned a ton of info and have applied it both to myself, and with others. I have roughly 2.5 years of CF under my belt.

        Some info, the Crossfit method is based on a 3 day on, 1 day off work/rest cycle. Varied movements, executed at intensity. This taxes the body, and produces results.

        However, as many of the top trainers and gym owners will tell is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, and dont push it. Not doing this and going back to the gym in a state of major recovery will hinder you. I made the mistake myself in the early stages of punishing my body on days I should of probably taken a rest day. Of course this is based off your conditioning, your nutrition, and the full equation. Other pitfalls are induced by faulty programming at the box, repeated 20 min amraps, or high volume workouts repeatedly in a row with a lack of attention to multiple specialties or time domains.

        Biggest key is just to stay hydrated, good nutrition, and get plenty of sleep, be active on your recovery day/rest day. Its more mental than anything.


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          I also am recovering from AF and do Crossfit--I have almost 11/2 years in and love it. I just don't push it on days when I feel really tired, and I will take time off if I feel run down.

          I support my body with good nutrition, plenty of sleep, and reduced stress in other areas. I stopped drinking alcohol and cut back on coffee as well. Together, all of this has given me more energy than I have had in years.


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            I just go one day on, one day off. I see no point in beating yourself down day-after-day. Come in rested and prepared to truly give it 100% (not just to complete the WOD). Eat a huge healthy meal when you get home to recover properly and get to bed for a full night of sleep. Just go for a walk or something non-stressful the next day.