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advice for a workout plan please

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  • advice for a workout plan please

    Hi guys, I was hoping for some help with a workout plan. I had a baby almost 5 months ago. Before baby I was very lean and did mostly only yoga for workouts, but was just naturally active. Now, post-baby, I am at my regular weight but my body just doesn't look the same (a little extra fluff on the back, and pouchiness in the front). I walk a mile in the mornings and evenings while carrying my little one in a baby carrier. I have also been making it to the gym several nights a week to run for 20 minutes (it's dangerous at night where I live so I cannot run outside). I do push ups daily. What should I change or add? Advice please!

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    I think what you're doing is a great start. I assume you had the baby through natural means (no c-sections), so my advice would be to do some planks to pull the ab muscles back in - they get stretched during pregnancy. If you had a c-section, I'd wait a bit longer for this one (I had both kids via c-section and planks flat out hurt - even after 2 years). And I'd add squats to refirm the but and thighs.

    I think you're off to a really great start. You're certainly doing better than me. All I'm really doing right now is walking.
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      slowly tick away that BF%