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Stair Case Body Rows?

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  • Stair Case Body Rows?

    Hanging on from a step, using a lower set of steps to balance and pulling my chest to the stair I'm holding on to, is this a legitimate form or am I just fooling myself?(It does cause strain on my hands/upper body and I have been getting a burn from it)

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    Legitimate. Use that as a jumping off point for your pullups. Google or search this site for pullup progressions, Al Kavadlo, and Convict Conditioning; you'll get some more info. There was a post on the front page here a few weeks ago you might want to look at The Importance of Pull-up Bar Training | Mark's Daily Apple Al calls what you're doing "Australian Pullups."

    Keep up the good work!


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      Ok, I wasn't sure if it was "legitimate" or not. I've been noticing when I go to the playground and actually getting improvement(Nearly able to climb from the ground up to the top of the rail now) so even if it wasn't considered "legitimate" I would've still done it .