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Starting strength and pushups

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  • Starting strength and pushups

    Will starting strength increase my pushup max? It seems starting strength is more "strength" than endurance. Or are they one in the same? I need to be able to do 50 pushups at the very least. Should I add sets in off days? I dont want to over work myself.


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    I'd say rest in your off days, build pushups into your lifting days. Increasing your pushup max involves strength and endurance, so both kinds of training will be of benefit. Whilst you can do exercises to target specific weaker muscles, glib as it may sound, the best advice I got for improving at a particular exercise is to do the exercise you want to improve!
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      I mostly agree, though you won't get to 50 pushups by doing heavy bench. I would do it near the end of your workout as more of an accessory movement. You could experiment with doing them on your rest days, but depending on your level of lifting experience it can be too much early on.
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        Didn't Rippetoe say something about needing to build some strength, so you have something to use when you are trying to endure?

        They are slightly different skills, but SS or Stronglifts will add a lot to your body. Next time I need to take a PT test that includes pushups, I'll start adding in some endurance work about 3-4 weeks out, but for now I'm just trying to build strength.

        If you have less than two months, do endurance work- multiple sets a day of low numbers, never to failure. If you have more than a couple of months, start building strength.