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Exercise slows your metabolism - wtf?

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    Originally posted by quelsen View Post
    my broken is different from your broken. :-)
    Your broken is a broken I've never experienced or seen before. I assumed you were using IF to reduce fat. My apologies... just one of the problems of carrying on a conversation using a keyboard and trying to keep it short.

    I look at as a 3 stage problem.

    Stage 1. We abuse our bodies and we don't realize it. If we correct our ways by taking up proper diet and exercise it is great and we are fortunate to make such a choice.

    Stage 2. Early signs of Beating up our bodies. Now we are prone to high blood pressure, higher blood sugars and other cronic inflammatory diseases, but if we make a choice we can still see a very good return to health with "text book diet and exercise".

    Stage 3. We have done enough damage that we now have to experiment with different measures to get our own isolated "broken" ( I like that) under control or face serious consequences. This is probaby one of the worse conditions generally speaking because we now have engrained bad habits we are trying to correct and stay on the wagon so to speak.


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      i agree with senior member