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Crossfit and Carbs...Advice?

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  • Crossfit and Carbs...Advice?

    Hello Primal Crossfitters...
    I need some advice. I am Primal (have been for almost a year now) and have now decided i want to try CrossFit.
    Had my first PT session yesterday (to learn all the moves) and got woozy very quickly, had to take several 'sit down breaks'.

    I usually eat sub 50g of carbs a day (even though i eat HEAPS of veg), but now wondering if i should eat some sweet potato for lunch before a session for that extra reserve of energy. I eat plenty of premium fat (grass fed butter, EVOO and meat fat) and protein (100-120g per day)

    Can anyone else share their experience with CrossFit and 'carb loading' (for lack of a better word)


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    I do Crossfit and eat in the 100-150g/day range--still definitely within primal guidelines, but on the higher end of the scale. Some people do it on lower carbs and say they feel fine, but my performance starts to really suffer if I drop too low. I don't do loading, I just eat more carbs on average, although I have a tendency to eat more carbs on workout days (usually post-WOD) than on rest days just by what my body tells me it wants.
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      I maintain around 50g of carbs a day and always have super energy, before, during and after my Crossfit WODs. With the intensity that a lot of Crossfit requires, you might do better with some pre-WOD carbs and see how that goes? I don't usually have anything to eat for 3-4 hours before I workout and I've never had a problem.

      Also, make sure you're properly hydrated; you might need to add some salt.


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        Salt. Sodium. Start sprinkling it liberally on your foods and see if that helps. It did for me.

        Dr. Colin Champ from the Caveman Doctor blog (google for link) talks about this on his podcast all the time - that the "low carb flu" and other symptoms, especially when combined with working out hard, is often due to lack of sodium.

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          Cheers guys,
          I'll up my pre-WOD carbs and see if that makes a difference. I'm a big fan of salt, so i'm pretty sure that's not lacking, but will be mindful and maybe add a few extra sprinkles on my lunch
          Much appreciated and very much looking forward to being able to do a pull up without a band!


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            Hi everyone,
            Just an update, i've up my lunchtime carbs by including things like Quinoa and Sweet potato in my salad, and is working a treat! Am now able to push myself that little bit further without getting that light headed feeling.
            BTW LOVING CrossFit.....Im officially an addict...



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              Glad to hear it, Rio! I'm also one of "those" Crossfit people!


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                Crossfit and Carbs...Advice?

                DON'T DO EITHER!