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    Originally posted by BigJilm View Post
    The situps are required for the role. There are two stages, below is the technique requirements.

    : Fitness in the ADF - Defence Jobs Australia

    Initially I can do them with feet anchored, but once I hit recruit training there are further minimum standards that must be met, which include in anchored situps.
    Those aren't even full situps! However, I don't feel my feet lifting up like they do in a full situp- there's not much emphasis on the hip flexors at all for me.

    I stand by my advice though- you'll have better results from doing leg raises, planks, and pullups/chinups than you will from doing more of those.


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      Cool beans... Leg raises and planks it is...
      I'll be back


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        I agree that planks and leg raises are better exercises, but since you are required to do sit ups it makes sense to continue practicing them.

        You could try working on just the eccentric (the negative) part of the sit up movement for awhile to build up strength. Start from the up position and work on slowly lowering yourself back down with control and without the feet lifting up. Then use your arms to push off the floor to return to the up position.