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Clubbells, anyone do this?

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  • Clubbells, anyone do this?

    I currently do barbell and kettlebell training. Recently I discovered clubbell training. I was just curious is anyone else does this and what your take is on it?

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    I love clubbells! Using clubbells has helped a shoulder issue that's been plaguing me for the last year, and it has done amazing things for my rotator cuff stability and mobility. They're a great tool.
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      Never have because I didn't want to pay for them (too low on the priority list), but I'd love to try them out sometime. Clubbell workouts seem like they'd be pretty interesting, and have the potential to get you in strong in some unique ways.


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        Clubbells are great - My Mad Methods recently featured them in the August/September issue:

        My Mad Methods Magazine

        Although not quite the same, you could also replicate some of the movements with an adjustable plate loaded dumbbell that has been loaded at one end.
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          These look very interesting. Can you share what workout you did with them to help your shoulder issues as i have a nagging one which comes and goes and is very irritating that i would love to fix. do you need two or will one do? clubbells that is.