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Any one doing MovNat as part of their Paleo Training?

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    Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
    I'm sure it's fun and I would even do it of we had classes around here, but is it really that natural? I have never had to do a lot of those movements in my normal life. Normal movements include reaching for stuff on high shelves, walking, walking carrying a load, running, running from bees, riding a bicycle, stooping to clean the floor, pushing a vacuum or broom (and until you've had a hysterectomy you have no idea how much that works your abs), scraping a bow across a fiddle for hours, jumping as high as possible to see if there's anything good in a Dumpster. But not too often have I walked like a monkey on all fours or skittled along on my fingers holding a plank.
    Thanks for this one, haven't laughed this hard in a while!

    natural movement, reaching for stuff on high shelves!

    you're a comedic genius.
    I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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      Just signed up for the one day workshop in Minneapolis on Oct 14. Psyched


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        Based my conversations with others who have done MovNat workshops, the Paleo diet is the accepted way of eating among this group. If you are embracing the Paleo philosophy of reigniting our ancestral genes then it seems like a natural extension to embrace MovNat training.

        MovNat®: Explore Your True Nature
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          That looks like a lot of fun! But don't think there will be something in my area soon....... south of France anyone?



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            Reporting in after attending the one-day MovNat seminar yesterday!

            I had a BLAST! Kellen Milad was our coach, and he was terrific, explaining just enough to understand the whys and hows of the different movements, but most of the day was actually doing things.

            We played in a perfect park in Salt Lake City; our coach was very excited about the variety of "things" we could practice on. We started by balancing on long curbs, doing squats on them, walking backwards, jumping from one to the next. Then we did some sprints along the horseshoe pits (no one was playing horseshoes of course!) We progressed to walking/balancing on a higher rail that was about 3" wide. That might sound pretty wide, but when it's 8 or 10 feet to the grass below, it's actually pretty narrow!

            We jumped--broad jumps, onto rocks, from rock to rock, off of rocks, over rocks. We did both "broad jump" type, with feet together, and split jumps for longer distances. We vaulted over rails and walls. We crawled (shhikes "monkey" style!) on the ground. We rolled on the ground. We learned transition movements (from laying/sitting/kneeling to standing).

            We did combinations of all the movements--a lot like parcour but without the fancy tricks. Smooth and graceful!

            We climbed on the swingset bars; they had perfect ones there, with long stretches bare of swings. (I needed a "spot" to jump to the high bars... a disadvantage to being "fun sized"!) We swung from side to side and learned how to get our legs up over the bar, and then to sort of flip up to straddle the bar. I could get my legs up, but I wasn't able to do the flip thing. Practice! We also climbed on these big rock pillars they had, and a rock chimney.

            We lifted and carried 50lb. bags of sand in a few different ways.

            I was tired at the end of the day, but I wouldn't usually do 7 hours straight of activity like that. I really like how we can combine the different kinds of movements into one smooth "circuit", but vary it as we wish. I also like the idea that this sort of workout can be done anywhere, which is useful to me because I travel often for business. Except for lifting/carrying the sandbags, it was all bodyweight, so there's no required "equipment".

            And it was FUN!


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              Yeah, it's cool. You'd like parkour, too, Canuck.

              Our toughmudder training team is doing yoga, parkour/movnat (same guys leading it), and possibly crossfit (have to talk to that guy). I think it all melds nicely.


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                Originally posted by Karma View Post
                I have a HUGE oak tree on my regular morngin run route. I often leap from the ground to a low hanging branch and race to the top of the tree as fast as I can. Great fun to be a little kid again and its a good all body workout.
                ..till you fall out of the tree..


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                  I would love to join in (Running like Ayla does would be awesome!), but I lack the funds and strength to feel confident enough to do that.


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                    I've always wanted to take a class. There was actually one in my city once, but the spots were... rather limited. And gone. Before I got there. WAY before. I really wish there could just be a book about it so I could get on with it already. I was raised to be a comp-sitter so most of those movements on youtube really doesn't come naturally for me... looks darn fun, though.


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                      Yeah I do this. I haven't taken a course but I would if one were to be convenient for me, just so I can learn more technique. I'm quite good at it anyway.

                      So much fun. You're gonna get stracthed, bruised, cut etc, and it can be quite dangerous(I almost fell down a ravine today lol), but that is not such a bad thing. I do Movnat stuff in conjunction with Gym ring work and various other BW things. I push and pull heavy things(like sleds), pick up and throw heavy things(like rocks) and so on. Get out into the wild and forget the gym, they're mostly BS.