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I only have myself to blame

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  • I only have myself to blame

    Today i went to my p.t session. We were doing 500m rows 30 lateral lunges and lowered to 15 from 30 kettlebell swings. Repeat all 4 x. During the third set my trainer noticed i stopped sweating. He stopped the session. We did mild stretching. i confessed that i didn't really drink any water this weekend. Now i'm feeling nauseated.

    He did tell me to drink plenty of water for today with a pinch of salt. How i hate the taste of saltwater. Any other suggestions?

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    put a pinch of salt on the palm of your hand and lick it off?


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      Powerade zero

      It has food coloring and artificial sweetener, so it's not really primal, but it's got a lot of electrolytes (salts) and tastes way better than salt water!
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        i went and bought a 20 oz of gatorade. It has 270 mg of salt.

        Would that be enough for the day? I generally don't use a lot of salt.

        Also wondering what is glycerol ester of rosin is? It's one of the ingrediants and i've never heard of it.


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          Just looked it up it's an emulsifer blending the fruit flavor to the water, and it's made from pine trees. I know pine trees are on my allergy list, as far as i know i've never ingested pine, hopefully no responses. I'll keep my fingers cross.

          Next time i'll just force down the saltwater. Ick


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            pickle juice? I used to work outside in Texas summers and that was what my coworkers recommended.