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    I am a month into eating primal and have to say that I feel great. Still cheating a little here and there (I love my morning coffee with a spoon of brown sugar). I've lost about 10 lbs. But more importantly I feel so much better, more energetic, and fitter. I'm really not counting carbs too closely with my veggies. My wife and mother have decided to hope on the bandwagon with me and both are feeling better. My wife is not loosing weight as fast as I am. This is discouraging for her. After reading one of Mr.Marks threads the other day, I am convinced it's stress. We've decided to include exercise back into our lives, not only for the added calorie burn, but also for the pressure release. We were blessed this year with a baby girl, so working out at home has a terrific appeal.

    I am looking for a way to create a workout area in our yard. I have been checking out many of the WOW posts, and am trying to accumulate what we need to work out at home. I would love some input as to what exercises and activities should be represented.

    I am lucky enough to have ample tools and have accumulated the skills that I think will be necessary to make any equipment I will need.

    Here is what I am thinking of starting with.....

    I made a slosh pipe from eight feet of 4" pvc (I am considering making a smaller version for my wife).

    I am currently making molds to make my own kettle bells from concrete and rebar handles. Once the first run is done, I may consider making various sizes (weights).

    I bought a 40 lb bag of gravel to bag up and make a sandbag.

    I also plan on making a pull up bar with two 4x4x10 posts (footed into the ground) connected horizontally by a 6 foot 2x8 for pull ups.

    I think I will need a bench of some sort, not only for presses and standing jumps, but to move under the pull up bar so my wife can do assisted chin-ups

    I am looking for ideas for simple to make useful and versatile equipment/exercise ideas.

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    I'd say add a dip station too, which can double as a station for Australian pullups.


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      Congrats on your progress so far!

      I'd say that you already have pretty much all you need right now, especially as you guys are just getting back into things. I make do most weeks with a sandbag, a pull up bar and a dip bar. I find that when you have fewer options you just get more creative.
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        I like that idea. I didn't think of the Aussie pull ups. It would be great to have a way for my wife to do pull ups without having a bench under the pull up bar. I think I could construct them out of some landscape timbers and fence posts. Should the height be around three feet above ground level?


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          I like the idea of the slosh pipe, never heard of it before. Might have to get the DIY BF onto that, great for the park!!
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            It only cost about $20 at home depot for the supplies. Filled it half way with water. I gave it a try, it's a butt kicker! I was walking like I just closed down the pub, but man did it work my core!


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                I like the slosh pipe idea. I may have to build one this weekend with a removeable plug to keep it from freezing in the winter as I could not use this in my house.
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                  I always loved the work out I could get from a couple of buckets of water.
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                    sledgehammer and tire?



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                      Google "body weight moves" these are great for doing at home. My boyfriend and I pick 10 exercises for a 30 minute workout. Start with exercise one do as many reps as you can for 2 mins, rest 1 min then start the next exercise. My boyfriend and I take turns timing each other. I usually go first for 30 mins and then he goes for 30 mins. If it has been a while since you have worked out, you might want to cut this in half. Best wishes!


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                        Originally posted by jfreaksho View Post
                        I'd say add a dip station too, which can double as a station for Australian pullups.
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