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How to I fix my stubborn uneven right trap ?

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  • How to I fix my stubborn uneven right trap ?

    Do I have to lift really heavy weight on that side? Unlike most muscles, uneven traps are easier to spot so does anyone know another way to fix it?

    I'm right handed, had this problem for about a year or two.

    I remember as a kid I would always lean on the right when writing in school as in my head on shoulder, while it was flexed. My trap started hurting, any I never knew why(I was like a 11) I stopped doing that but it's not back to its original size.
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    Mine is that way due to scoliosis. Dumbbell shrugs are a good way to build up trapezius. Dumbbell rows, too.

    See a chiropractor... a good one
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      Yeah, you probably have something mechanical going on - probably something you don't even realize you're doing. A good chiro can point it out.


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        head trauma?

        spinal injury?

        loss of a female caregiver?

        no need to answer here but...

        for #1 see a functional nurologist one that focuses on brain case injury. my rationale? i had a naturopath perform an neurocranial restructuring procedure on me and my limp went away as well as my need for arch support strange but true

        #2 - let the x-rays tell the story. Chiro all the way

        #3 - EFT/EPT Alexander method... again weird but can affect the body
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          is it really just your traps, or the whole right shoulder girdle/arm? most people have muscular imbalances on one side. good news is that it's much less noticeable to others than to you. if it's not impeding function or performance...


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            Pilates - I deal with this all the time and working symmetrically actually is better, but you need really good form


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              might be a tension or mobility issue. are you sure it is a muscular imbalance? you could try massage, mobility work, yoga, and even a chiro


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                Originally posted by not on the rug View Post
                might be a tension or mobility issue. are you sure it is a muscular imbalance? you could try massage, mobility work, yoga, and even a chiro
                I'm sure it's muscle imbalance, lack of muscle there makes my shoulder hang a little lower and I can feel it.


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                  I've had this for as long as I can remember, and I think it stems from several years of carrying a newspaper bag as a kid.

                  Lifting heavy (big compound lifts, and the higher levels of Convict Conditioning) have started to bring the other one up, but there's still a noticeable difference to me.


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                    Yoga doesn't work on symmetry, Pilates does. That is what he needs in terms of "fixing" this. Your scaplua could have moved resulting in the uneven look, or it's built up muscle. Without a full postural analysis in person, it's hard to say.


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                      I also get the feeling that I can't "activate" my left shoulder and back muscles as well as the right side, which may contribute to them looking so different (and my left side feeling so weak).