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  • Not today, but just got back last night from a 65 mile backpack in the Jefferson wilderness in Oregon. Oh my lord what a workout.
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


    • Today is normally a 1 to 2 hr surf ski paddle, but with the back as crooked as a dogs hind leg it was all about opening the facet joints and getting fluid to the disc's so this mornings work consisted of

      10 mins of Steve Cotters joint mobility drills (circle work)
      10 minutes of 10 second pull ups ( one pull up every 10 seconds repeat for 10 mins, so 60 pull ups completed)
      5 mins upside down on the inversion table
      5 mins of Hindu pushups back to downward dog on the 10 second interval as above (30 completed)
      5 mins of hanging bent leg raise's on the 10 second intervals ( 30 completed) 1/2 done by bringing knees to the sides
      5 mins of inversion table
      6 mins of planks alternating every min between front and sides ( sides I could hold for 45 sec so had 15 sec rest before starting fronts again)
      6 mins of wall chair and squats facing the wall alternating each min between the static wall chair hold and the squats
      3 mins of rows on the gym rings
      5 mins of inversion table to open the disc's
      *Finished with a 20 min soak in the spa digging fingers into very tight and sore trigger points around the hips and priorformas*

      Back felt good after that work out, woke up pretty sore so was good to get the blood flowing, have a myafascal and maybe dry needling massage this afternoon to help with pulled calf muscle (3 weeks ago) and the sciatica.
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      • 20 minutes of jump rope intervals

        5x3 front squats @77lb

        8 minutes AMRAP:
        12 KB deadlifts, 53lb KB
        6 KB presses right arm, 20lb KB (way too light, but the 35lb was just barely too heavy for that many reps)
        6 KB presses left arm, 20lb KB

        I got in 5 rounds + 5 deadlifts.


        • 200 singles warm up
          Hang clean
          Front squat
          Push jerk



          • Walked the dog 2 miles

            Incline Bench Press 3x10
            RDL 3x10
            Back Squat 3x10
            Lat Pull Down 3x10
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            • Bench press 145#, 10x3
              Squats 150# 1x20
              Handstand pushups on dumbbells 4,3,2
              90 minutes Gracie (Brazilian) Jiu Jitsu class (60 minutes instruction/drilling, 30 rolling)
              Brazilian Churrascaria for dinner. Sleeping in tonight. This is a good day!
              The Champagne of Beards


              • This evening, going for endurance. As many two-handed swings as I can, in one set, with the 12kg kettlebell.
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                • Surfed for 3+ hours and now headed out on the beach cruiser!
                  Male 40 Years Old
                  210 LBs - 5/14/12 - SW
                  ??? LBs- GW
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                  32" - Current Pant size


                  • Originally posted by PrimalChat View Post
                    What is your favorite workout - or one that is non-traditional perhaps? Just shopping for ideas, so I'm looking forward to what anyone has to add.
                    I like boxing, swimming, and bodyweight movements on gymnasts rings.
                    Tonight is a home based boxing workout. All rounds are 3 minutes long, with 30 seconds rest in between.
                    Warmup with joint rotation work, then;
                    3 rounds on the speedbag.
                    3 rounds of shadowboxing.
                    12 rounds of various combinations on the heavybag, with emphasis on proper form, technique, and footwork.
                    3 freestyle rounds. Visualize someone trying to hit me with various punches. Slip, duck, and counter-punch. Practice body shots and infighting.
                    Finish up with leg raise, then plank. 1 round each.
                    Eat big.


                    • 400 m Run
                      40 Dead Lift (135#)
                      300 m Run
                      30 Hang Power Cleans (95#)
                      200 m Run
                      20 Chest Slap Push Ups (Like clapping push-ups)
                      100 Squats
                      10 Pull Ups

                      13-14 minutes
                      "Most men stop when they begin to tire. Good men go until they think they will collapse. But the VERY BEST men know that the mind tires before the body and push themselves beyond all limits. Only when all of these limits have been shattered can the unattainable be reached." ~Dan Gable


                      • Walked the dog 2.2 miles

                        Active Rest Day - Started off with 3x10 of a bunch of isolation exercises (curls triceps, shoulder raises, pec dec, leg extensions, leg curls, upright rows), just to get blood flowing. Next 30 minutes of combo cardio (ellyptical, rowing machine). Finally, three games of 21 with my son. Pretty decent active rest day.
                        "Suffer no guilt yee who wield this in the name of Crom"
                        Quote on the Father's Sword


                        • PRESENT DAY - Northern NJ, USA: Patrick (that's me), a 27-year old man, goes to the high school in his town to run some sprints. He doesn't pay ridiculous NJ property taxes for nothing. He warms up by walking two laps around the track, doing some dynamic stretching as he goes. Then he walks onto the football field, and does a couple light 50-yard jogs.

                          20,000 YEARS AGO - Western Europe: Grok, a 27-year old man, heads out to hunt. He walks along a game trail, keeping his eyes open for any tracks or signs of prey. He walks about a half-mile when he hears some rustling in the bushes nearby. He notices wild boar tracks on the ground. Slowly, he stalks towards the bushes, careful not to startle his prey.

                          Patrick finishes his warm ups, then does fourteen 50-yard sprints, taking 15-30 seconds between each sprint to catch his breath. 14 is a new PR for him since he added sprints to his routine.

                          Grok spots the boar, and stalks closer to it. He's almost within striking range, but just then the boar notices him and takes off. Dinner's getting away. Grok explodes forward - his family isn't going hungry tonight. He sprints after the boar, and starts to close in on it. He raises his spear to deliver the killing blow-

                          Patrick noticed when he walked onto the field that somebody (probably the football team) left a tractor tire on the field. He decides to do a little impromptu tire-flipping. He flips it 20 yards down, then 20 yards back, and calls it a day. He walks another two laps around the track to cool down, then goes home.

                          Grok hoists the freshly-killed boar over his shoulders, and begins walking back home. On the trail, he comes upon a large rock in his path. It's big, but he can probably move it. He sets the boar down, goes over to the rock, and flips it end over end until his path is clear. He pick up the boar again, and continues on his way. He hopes his wife found some eggs for breakfast...

                          Patrick gets home, and has scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast.

                          Grok gets home, and has scrambled eggs and fresh pork belly for breakfast.
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                          • Forced myself to sleep in some this morning. Then did some heavy lifting this morning in the gym w/ free weights & kettles for about 20 minutes. Then had big honkin' breakfast.

                            Dug out a 4'x14' pit (compacted red clay, with big rocks in it), carried the lumber down some stairs & built a raised bed, hauled 14 bags of compost, manure, organic soil down a hill to the garden site, hauled the garden cart down the 2 flights of stairs to get to the site. Worked for about 3 hours in the sun doing all this mid-day.

                            Swam 10 fast laps this afternoon instead of my normal 16, was feeling that 10 was the right amount. A bit sore, but will go to bed early tonite & if sore in the morning, will take an epson salts bath.

                            Finishing the garden & planting everything for the autumn garden tomorrow.
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                            • Ran 1/2 mile
                              4 up the hill sprints
                              Walked 6 miles


                              • Originally posted by Betorq View Post
                                Dug out a 4'x14' pit (compacted red clay, with big rocks in it), carried the lumber down some stairs & built a raised bed, hauled 14 bags of compost, manure, organic soil down a hill to the garden site, hauled the garden cart down the 2 flights of stairs to get to the site. Worked for about 3 hours in the sun doing all this mid-day.
                                I think doing stuff like this is just as good as any gym workout.
                                I try to look at the chores that I do at the house as an opportunity for a workout rather than a necessary evil.
                                Doing something good for yourself, and your surroundings.
                                Can't beat that.