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  • Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
    Nice lifts RM
    Thanks. Been staring these numbers down for a long time. It was a good feeling to finally write them in my notebook.
    The Champagne of Beards


    • Went a little crazy with my workouts yesterday.

      Walked for 32 minutes.
      P90X Chest & Back.
      Biked 8 miles.
      SW: TBD lbs / CW: TBD lbs / GW: 185 lbs


      • Originally posted by Catrin View Post
        This morning:

        100 air squats
        30 second high plank
        90 pushups
        30 second high plank
        80 TRX rows
        30 second high plank
        70 abmat situps
        30 second high plank
        60 burpees
        30 second high plank
        50 modified deck squat
        30 second high plank

        All of the above in just under 28 minutes, not counting warming up prior to this.

        Bored as heck this AM, couldn't think of what to do that doesn't sound coma inducing - this looks great =] I'm gonna copy you!


        • Originally posted by AylaFecero View Post
          Bored as heck this AM, couldn't think of what to do that doesn't sound coma inducing - this looks great =] I'm gonna copy you!
          Have fun & I can't take credit for it as it is from my trainer. You will likely beat my time, I struggle with pushups and TRX rows but am improving. I've a totally jacked shoulder that causes problems with both overhead and pushups, but I do what I can. Thankfully I can do anything I want below my shoulders

          This morning was my last solo session with my trainer, and he put me through my paces! Basically I think it was to evaluate the changes over the time I've been working with him - I will still see him for small group training:

          Today's workout alternated strength with core and one cardio:

          15 overhead squats
          15 floor wipers
          20 front squats
          20 knee to elbows
          25 back squats
          25 back extensions
          30 goblet squats
          30 calories on the rower

          31 minutes in total
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          • I do five hundred pushups every three days, and also situps, though not as many. I am no expert and don't want to go to the gym, because it takes too much time, so I simply do pushups to keep some basic strength and toning. According to my girlfriend, it works!


            • Originally posted by Erik W View Post
              According to my girlfriend, it works!
              The ultimate measure of success. Do you do 500 pushups over a 3-day period, or all 500 on one day, then skip two?
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              • Today? Absolutely nothing.

                Wait, no, I walked to the store and bought some chocolate to go with my coffee. It was nice.

                Tommorow? OHP day. Yay.
                Dark chocolate and coffee, running through my veins...

                Fitocracy Workout Tracker:
                MFP Food Diary:
                (Date is New Zealand Time UTC+ 12hours)


                • After warming up:

                  4x5 deadlifts followed by 1x8

                  Ladder of wall balls (10 down to 1)
                  and pushups (20 down to 2, by 2)

                  Last but not least, A 7 minute AMRAP of the following:

                  7 pushups
                  7 sprawls (think of a burpee without pushup or jump)
                  7 Frog jumps


                  • 48 minute walk outside at lunch today using mapmyfitness app on my iPhone. It says I walked 3.18 miles, but it isn't consistent as the same route has been measured by the same app at 2.50 miles.


                    • 2 yards of wet compost shoveling.
                      4 hours of yard cleanup.
                      more digging.


                      • Originally posted by RichMahogany View Post
                        The ultimate measure of success. Do you do 500 pushups over a 3-day period, or all 500 on one day, then skip two?
                        Five hundred in one day; it takes less than an hour, I do it in front of the TV so I won't get bored.

                        I can't do pushups every day, I have a bad muscle in my chest, must have hurt it at some point long ago. It never heals fully. If I do pushups too often it starts aching all the time, and then I can't do pushups for about six weeks - this happened twice. (This is really annoying. A reminder to everyone: be very careful so you don't damage a muscle! It could stay damaged forever.)

                        I used to put my feet on the couch to make the pushups more difficult, but I stopped doing that two months ago. It doesn't make the pushups that much more difficult. And keeping my feet on the ground makes me tense my body much more to keep straight while doing the pushups, which is better. It should work on all those little muscles that help keep you upright, right?

                        One big motivator is that I used to have a bad back, probably from sitting too much while working. That has completely disappeared, due to a lot of walking, and also pushups I imagine. Situps are a more recent addition, but it's never too late to start.

                        I got bored doing the same thing over and over though for more than two years, five hundred pushups every three days, so I cut down to four hundred this spring to get it over with faster. Before that, I found that I was skipping too many times. But now I have instead increased the pushups to six hundred the last few times. And that makes me more enthusiastic. Going from four hundred to six hundred is a fifty percent increase, perhaps it will show after a while. (Five weeks?) Variation is always good.


                        • Today: Power cleans 5 x 3, Squats 5 x 5, Press 5 x 5, weighted chin-ups.
                          The Champagne of Beards


                          • yesterday

                            5 minutes rowing machine

                            goblet squats w/15 lb kettlebell except last set 18 lb kettlebell
                            australian pullups
                            incline pushups
                            lat pulldown
                            seated row
                            farmer's walk 18 lbs in each hand

                            ended with 10 more minutes rowing.


                            • 5.1 easy miles in 35 minutes on the elliptical cuz I feel like shit - but needed to do something.


                              • Open mat BJJ- 75-90 minutes of live training with minimal rest.
                                The Champagne of Beards