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  • ^ I would do that many sets and reps, but then typing it into this thread would just take way to long


    • Bike ride of 13.4 milesit was supposed to be only 10 but there was an unplanned construction detour.


      • Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
        ^ I would do that many sets and reps, but then typing it into this thread would just take way to long
        Heh, now back from the two hours and ten minutes long workout; I even did more than planned: I supersetted the heel raises on leg-press machine with reverse hacklift for 4 extra sets of 15 reps, just to feel a little sore in my butt tomorow...
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        • Well, we learned Gorbag likes feeling sore in his butt.. I knew this thread had a purpose.

          I squatted 305 for 3 sets of 5 (new PR), Olympic Pressed 142.5 3 x 5 (failed to get 3 x 5 on this twice already. Big day for me), Chin-ups with 35 pounds, 9/6/6, and messed around with some light power cleans for form work. Having trouble transitioning from the 1st pull into the second with heavier weights.

          Going to try some frequency method stuff, start with a super easy 95# and pull a few a couple times a day, hopefully adding weight quickly. I should be cleaning 200+, but at the moment, I am having trouble extending and racking even 155.
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          • Walked to work and back - slow movement today.
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            • I'm staying out of town with my girl to visit her family, so that kinda shakes my workout up a bit. All I got is a bench and two dumbells, so yeah.

              Bench Day

              Bench (5x657.5) (5x10x45)
              DB Press (4x12x12)
              Push-up 3x20

              Gonna try hit up the local gym tomorrow for squats... Or dangerously improvise with current equipment. We'll see.
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              • 1 July 2013:



                2 July 2013:


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                • 10 min jog, 2 min walk at incline.
                  1a. handstand push up (failure)
                  1b. 1 Leg DL (10 each)
                  2a. Skip (1min)
                  2b. Side crunches on stand (15 a side)
                  3a. Body Squat (25)
                  3b. Pull downs (5Front/5Behind/5Front)
                  4a. Plank 45sec
                  4b. Body weight single calf raises


                  • Feeling sadistic so I went back to a tabata class today. Worked hard with bodyweight for about 40 minutes.


                    • Yesterday was the following

                      am 1 hour swim squad, 2800m covered various drills and sets up to 400m

                      After work was sprint day whilst walking the dog waiting for the kids to finish sports training

                      30 min fast walk
                      5 x 200m hill sprints
                      15 min fast walk

                      10 rounds of the following
                      A1: 10 x Hindu squats
                      A2: 60m flat out sprint
                      A3: 5 push-ups
                      A4: walk/gasp back to start

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                      • Wednesday morning

                        Wednesday morning - Taxi Frog

                        In between dropping my kids and picking them up from their swim squad I managed a quick 40min gym session

                        Warm up was 3 rounds of the following

                        25 hindu squats, deep supported 3rd world squat, supported hangs,
                        Then 5 mins of various back and hip flexior stretches

                        Then into work B of starting strength. (Sets, reps, weight including oly bar weight

                        2 x 10 x 20kgs
                        3 x 5 x 40kgs
                        3 x 5 x 50 kgs
                        5 x 5 x 65kgs

                        Overhead press
                        2 x 10 x 20kgs
                        3 x 5 x 30kgs
                        5 x 5 x 35kgs (struggled again with these today)

                        Dead lift
                        1 x 10 x 20kgs
                        1 x 5 x 40 kgs
                        1 x 5 x 50 kgs
                        1 x 5 x 65kgs

                        Pull ups
                        3 x 5

                        Chin ups
                        2 x 5

                        Kneeling cable pull downs (to failure)
                        1 x 50 x 10kgs (work that little muscle in the back and trash the tris...)
                        1 x 30 x 10....

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                        • Worked up to a 120kg single in squat, a 82kg single in bench press and 10 singles at 115kg in deadlift.


                          • Today is leg day.

                            Squats, lunges, snatches, calf raises and all that good stuff. Plenty of stretching. Done to max reps.


                            • Today was bench presses, military presses, bicep curls, dumbbell flys, and pushups.


                              • 5 min jog on treadmill
                                1a. Bench 3x8/8/6
                                1b. Back Squat 3x15
                                2a. DL 3x15
                                2b. Shrugs 3x12-15
                                3. 1 arm cable curl 3x6-15
                                4. Reverse EZ Bar curl 2x15
                                5a. OH Tri ext with rope 2x6-15
                                5b. Diamond push-ups 3x12-15