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  • 3.5 miles in a little over an hour.
    Started PB late 2008, lost 50 lbs by late 2009. Have been plateaued, but that thing may just be biting the dust: more on that later.


    • I went for a quick swim then I did some walking/sprinting on the beach for ~ 10 kms. My legs are really starting to feel it now.
      A steak a day keeps the doctor away


      • today is a break day, but yesterday was a hike out to a swimming hole where we climbed some rocks, jumped off cliffs, and swam. on the hike, we did a set of tabata sprints as well as just randomly changing pace when we were bored of walking.

        climbed up the right side where we had to go behind the waterfall to the other side. jumped off of that white part that is about at the level as the indent behind the fall


        • 15# clubbells: double swipes x 100; one hand mills x 100 ea arm; two handed hammer swings x 50 ea direction.


          • Tuesday July 27 Strength Day
            --14 Rounds of Crossfit Cindy (15 squats, 10 pushups, 5 pullups) as many round as possible in 20 minutes.
            --2 x 1-minute planks on front and sides; 6 minutes total

            Wednesday July 28 and Thursday July 29 Rest Days

            Friday, July 30, Metcon Cardio Day
            --10 x 100 Sprints

            Saturday, July 31 Rest Day
            --40 minutes of stretching
            --2 x 1-minute ab planks
            --2 x hanging leg raises ( 35 then 25)

            Sunday, Aug 1 Japan Kettlebell Club
            --2 hours of swings, cleans, presses and snatches in 91 degree heat with the 35-pounder.

            Aug 1, 2009 is when I became primal. I've lost 20 pounds since then.
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            • went on a hike earlier today and did a pushing workout.
              Bench Press
              incline Press
              Shoulder press
              mostly 5x5, and a few sets of various tricep extensions
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              • Took my morning walk but during the middle of it I stopped at the intramural fields and did SimpleFit L2D1. 26 rounds.
                Are you a college student, trying to navigate college while being Primal? Do you know any other PB college students on a tight budget? Heck, for that matter, are YOU trying to live Primal on a budget? Enroll at Primal University!

                For after all what is man in nature? A nothing in relation to infinity, all in relation to nothing, a central point between nothing and all and infinitely far from understanding either.
                -- Blaise Pascal


                • Saturday: bike ride along the seacoast in NH.
                  Sunday: rest.
                  Monday: lift. Will update with the workout later.


                  • i'm going to try out level 2 day one of SimpleFit for lifting heavy things today. thinking about trying it with my kettlebell in my backpack.


                    • push-up challenge day plus leg day
                      200 squats.
                      Calm the f**k down.


                      • Simple Fit L3D1; 29 rounds.


                        • i went on a 6 mile hike up a mountain and back... it was too much, but I'm glad I survived. I pigged out on chinese food afterward which was awesome!


                          • l2d1 of simplefit

                            45 total sets, 8 of which i had a 16kg kb in my backpack for:

                            45 pull ups, 8 weighted
                            135 push ups, 24 weighted
                            180 squats, 32 weighted

                            i guess i underestimated myself....


                            • 3 sets of:

                              50 squats
                              25 lunges (a pair = 1)
                              15 burpees
                              10 pushups
                              Stats: 5'6" female, 21 years young
                              Starting Weight: 187 lbs (March 2010)
                              Current Weight: 143 lbs (Oct 2011)
                              Goal BF: 20%

                              Super D Omega 3 daily & BCAAs preworkout


                              • Yesterday:

                                Uphill sprints x 8
                                lots of casual walking through various stores
                                1.5 hour evening walk after dinner


                                1 hr 45 min bike ride

                                5 rounds of: chin-ups (x 5); leg-ups (x 12); body weight squats (x 10)

                                I turned up my workout a bit, applying the inverse pyramid technique today.

                                Bench press
                                115 lbs (x 10)
                                125 (x8)
                                145 (x6)
                                155 (x4)
                                165 (x2)

                                175 (x10)
                                185 (x8)
                                200 (x6)
                                220 (x5)
                                230 (x5)

                                175 (x10)
                                195 (x8)
                                220 (x6)
                                230 (x5)
                                240 (x5) booya!

                                Now I am feeling good; best part of all is that tonight I will be chowing down like no other.

                                I may even go for an hour walk after dinner tonight to aid in digestion!
                                Here it is, your moment of zen.

                                It's a no brainer: The journal of the cerebelum