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How do you all control sweating after a workout?

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  • How do you all control sweating after a workout?


    Ok so I know sweating is the body cooling itself down - which I am totally ok with. The only thing is that I choose to workout in the mornings before work.

    And even with a super cold shower I can't seem to stop my body from sweating - makes my business shirts look a little dodgy when getting ready for work.

    Any tips? I really don't want to give up the morning workouts, for some stupid reason my brain loves to wake up at 5:30am and get me out the door for sprints / runs etc.

    How do you all manage the sweat issue?

    Cheers in advance for any help you can provide.
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    i give my pores a stern talking to

    but hmm.. wake up earlier?
    yeah you are

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      I think someone people just sweat more, and for a while. I don't sweat a lot, if I'm sweating a lot I'm probably ready to die. My buddy however (in very good shape), sweats instantaneously and won't stop for an hour.

      Maybe workout in the evening? If you're in very poor fitness it might get better, otherwise; it is, what it is.
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        Originally posted by MaverickBris View Post
        How do you all manage the sweat issue?
        Long cold bath/shower worked when I had the Flu.
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          For most people it's easy, but some (like me) suffer from extreme sweating, also known as Hyperhidrosis. I can recommend using a strong antiperspirant during your workout, like sweat protect Antiperspirant Creme - Hyperhidrosis but if it's too severe, you might also want to treat it to get completely rid of it. Iontophoresis did the job for me (i cannot recommend Botox or ETS, it's bullcrap and you'll get compensatory sweating), just inform yourself!
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            Honestly, some people just sweat more than others. I can do a really hard workout and have very minimum sweating. If you don't want to move your workouts when you get home from work then my other suggestion is you bring an extra shirt with you.

            The other things is to maybe wear other shirts first. Eat you breakfast and do whatever it is you need to do then put on your work clothes. This way your body has the time cool down then you are out the door.
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              I totally sympathize man....

              Tomorrow is waking up at 5, gym right after, then into a shirt and tie for work. And I am a BIG sweater You may not have these facilities, but here is what I do.

              Cold shower at the gym right after, then into shorts and T-shirt. Drive the ten min to work with the windows down (at 6am it's pretty much always cool in my neck of the woods, so this is powerful). Arrive at work, change into shirt and tie in my office, then rock and roll.

              It takes time for your body not just to cool off, but to turn off the sympathetic system that is KEEPING you sweating. The best way to do that is to relax, get the wind moving on you, chill. That will turn off the sweat pores a little faster (part of it is psychological, is my point) and cool you down. Hope this helps
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                Originally posted by MaverickBris View Post
                ...And even with a super cold shower I can't seem to stop my body from sweating - makes my business shirts look a little dodgy when getting ready for work...
                Cold shower is what I use. Try extending by 1 minute per session until it works and maybe spend a minute in front of a fan directly afterwards. Hopefully that's short enough time not to rob you of any other things in your morning prep.


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                  It can be bad for me on a hot day. Best solution is that if I'm still sweating after stepping out of the shower, shaving, and all that, just sit on the bed nekkid, possibly with a fan blowing, for a few minutes. Go online or something to pass the time. The fan will help cool you down a little faster and help evaporate the sweat some.


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                    I was told that huge sweating wave is due to an inadequate cool down.

                    When I work out in the mornings, I do not shower, just towel off and use dry deodorant if I absolutely have to. I also change after I come to the office, so workout clothes absorbs the sweat. I find that this actually keeps sweat in check. Or did, when I was slimmer. Now I sweat more, but it seems odorless, so doesn't bother me much.

                    If you have a pool/ocean/lake, a swim is the best ever workout to avoid sweating, lol.
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                      I workout at lunch and get back to the office for the afternoon.....

                      I get at least 2 hours for lunch though and my workouts are only about 20 minutes long. So 20 minutes workout, 20 minutes in the sauna..... then a very cold shower (we're talking no hot water whatsoever) for at least 5 minutes and usually 10. By then I'm usually good to go.


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                        Very cold shower works for me!
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                          After a cold shower I always put on a thin t-shirt under my work shirt as I found the deodorant stained the underarms after a while


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                            I'm the same way. I workout during lunch a couple of times a week, and I try to do an extended cooldown on the bike or treadmill. Sometimes it works, sometimes I keep sweating. Showers don't work, so I'm guessing is physiological and not likely to change.

                            Sometimes I'll change into a casual polo or similar for a while before putting my button down back on, which is a nice option for me.
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                              I deep breath when I feel myself sweating, 2-5 min after my workout. Nothing crazy, just breath from the stomach while I am changing and before I get in the shower, and I will repeat after the shower if I feel the sweat coming.
                              I don't know if this really works or I just think it works.
                              After a 20 min workout there won't be a dry spot on my shirt, I sweat, and for about an hour after I workout I will sweat, so when I feel the sweat coming I deep breath for 30 or seconds and it seems to stop.