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do you workout to music, and is there really a positive effect of it?

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    jenny has a good point. how she said "oh i love this song and can't stop now!" is exactly what i think. especially when i'm running. and since i'm a weak runner i always like after a good song gets over with while i'm running, i'm thinking about taking a break, and then a great song comes on and i pick the pace back up


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      Normaly, I don't listen to music when I run, the wind in the trees is pretty musical all by itself... however, when I want to motivate myself to maintain a fast pace, I do chant a cadence in my head.... usually 1-2-3-4-U-S-Marine-Corps or 1-2-3-4-I-Love-the-Marine Corps.... Sorry.. I was a medic to the Marines in my youth..... old habits die hard some times....


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          that's pretty cool, ssn, Marines have some awesome cadence, i'll give 'em that!


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            I generally listen to paleo podcasts or the radio when I'm working with weights or doing bodyweight exercises.

            Running, I will usually have my ipod in but not for sprints as the cord gets in the way. I don't do that much running aside from short runs and sprints anymore anyway.

            When I'm on the rowing machines, I like to blast my music loud from the stereo makes me really enjoy working out! I listen to a mix of metal and electronic. Loving Daft Punk and Justice for working out the moment. The track Horsepower by Justice always gets me ready to give it my all, it's awesome.
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              Originally posted by breetbree View Post
              that's pretty cool, ssn, Marines have some awesome cadence, i'll give 'em that!
              Yes.... and some you can even do in public! lol