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Trying to add muscle but also lose body fat

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    Beginners are capable of losing fat and gaining muscle mass at the same time as a result of the hormonal corrections that accompany proper diet and exercise. However, we've seen that this effect has a clear inverse relationship with the individuals training level. There are a lot of factors that go into determining muscle gain aside from a caloric surplus/carb level. There's a lot of anecdotal evidence out there but not a lot of hard scientific evidence. You would be best served to periodize your goals in order to see the most effective progress. Trying to lose fat and build muscle simultaneously is an incredibly slow process. Separate the two and you'll see faster results.
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      Originally posted by destructalux View Post
      i cant do the 2 times a week split. it's just plain dead boring. initially i was lifting twice a day, 7 days a week (keep in mind this was my way of dealing with the loss of a loved one) and lost a lot of fat and stacked on a heap of muscle (16kg drop so far).

      I've now got my workot routine to walks in the morning then 1 workout 4 times a week, lots of compound exercises, plus a few additional stretch workouts and ab workouts. I'm slowly finding the balance but as far as only lifting 2 days a week.... dunno if I could ever find that enjoyable :/
      Same here, I don't really have any other hobbies besides moving my body around... reading I do plenty of on my commute to work. I play a little guitar but I also can do plenty of that after a good workout. I feel funny if I don't at least do some sort of warm up and maybe a little stretching. I know that's not the same as a 2-3x/week ballstothewall workout, but the concept of more than one absolute rest day is weird to me. I only do one of those a week, and mostly cus my gf plans shit to do all day... but then we have sex so nvm.
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        I have plenty to do, but I end up in the gym almost daily (in fact with my wee one I end up coming 2x times, lol!). Even if it's just to play in the pool (if it's too busy to swim) or go to the steam room. I lift 4x a week, I love the split when I can concentrate on 1 major lift a day, and I often too lazy to do cardio, so I end up doing 'learning' workouts when I try new moves with lighter weights.

        If the pool was not so idiotically busy (we have a kid-oriented pool with only 2 lanes for swimming) I would be there even more often. Can't wait to hear that they finally committed to the lane pool as a part of the rec center. They had been talking about it for 2 years. The day they start building it I will throw a party!

        But in those 3 months we actually have Okay weather I skip gym often to do gardening which I am very fond of and just... walk.

        One thing is for sure, it started with trying to lose weight for me, but now I am seriously taken by doing stuff in the gym.
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          I'm doing LeanGains, but with a caloric deficit on all days. I add rice/fruit in on workout days and keep cals to 1900 - 2200, fat and protein exclusively on rest days to ~1500 cals. Still progressing fairly linearly with lifts (doing Strong Lifts 5x5), but not really wanting to put on muscle. Rather lose fat and gain strength. Actually haven't seen results on the scale yet, but it's only been a few weeks.

          I think adding muscle/losing fat is possible at the same time, but really hard. Better to focus on performance and fat loss, IMHO.


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            I always start with trying to lose fat. Then in a month or so, i'd lose a couple of pounds and/or hit close to 120-122 lbs, and hit the 'I am sooo tired of starving' rut & stop sleeping well at night, so I decide "That's it, I'd rather add muscle & stop caring what my waist is measuring! I am gonna get real strong!!! I am gonna squat 1.5 BW this time & bench 95 lbs, WOOT!!!".

            Then I start gaining weight, mostly fat of course (cause muscle don't grow on trees), and in another month the pants get tight, belly start looks pg again, and voila, I am back to the deficits and trying to lose fat.
            My Journal:
            When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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              I don't want to necessarily dispute some of the interesting posts here (and I think I will take a look at Leangains), but I tend to think the whole "gain muscle while losing fat" thing is actually a mis-statement of the process, particularly when people have a lot of weight to lose.

              More often, when one reduces size, muscles simply become more defined. So they appear to have gotten bigger, when in actuality, they have gotten smaller.

              Furthermore, significantly overweight and obese people tend to lose muscle mass as they lose weight, since they don't need as much muscle to carry that weight around anymore.

              Unless one is a competitive bodybuilder, worrying about trying to do both at the same time will likely be counter-productive (so I'm echoing what Prof. PaleoAP says, to some extent). In all likelihood, if you are very overweight, losing weight and just getting to the gym will make you seem and appear stronger - and you might get some strength gains as you start to use muscles in different ways. But the overall thrust should be for one or the other.

              But as others also noted, a lot depends both on what you do and what your genes have to say about things!


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                Thats true.
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                  I don't understand why lifting twice per week is boring.


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                    Here is my argument for 2 days per week. If you are training balls out with compound movements with max effort and going to failure then it takes time for those affected muscles to heal. Personally after a good workout of squats I don't feel like doing much lower body for a couple of days. If you train like that too many days in a week you won't see many gains as you need to recover from an ass kicking.

                    Destroy muscles and let them recover in an optimal manner so they will heal up faster and bigger to take on more punishment the next round. Do this over and over again and then you will gain muscle.