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  • Abdominal vacuum


    about this exercise, occasionally I do it and feel weird afterwards, so I thought it might be because of wrong technique.

    First of all, can I really perform this exercise multiple times a day?
    Secondly, while holding my stomach tucked in, can I continue breathing as usual, or should I hold my breath as well. And how much time should I hold it? 20-30 seconds?

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Just had the worst case of diarrea in history. Wtf? could this exercise be the cause? I ate normally today. (I did have extreme stomach aches after the exercise)
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      dude, you can hold stomach vacuums all day, every day. don't worry about it. breath however feels comfortable. what exactly are you worried about? sort out your diarrhea.


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        I don't think the vacuums would have anything to do with you having diarrhea. That is usually a sign of bacteria of some sort, not usually caused by physical trauma, which the vacuums can't do anyway.
        I do the vacuums on a semi-consistent basis and have never had a problem. I will only hold my breath if doing them for 10 seconds and concentrating on the very lowest of the abdominal muscles. Regular vacuums usually consist of 120 second holds with regular breathing throughout. You might feel weird if you are holding your breath for too long.
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          Thanks for the answers, I will continue doing them. I think the no- breath thing just made me feel a little sick, good to know it's not the vacuums' fault.