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Chronic Injury: PF and soft tissue injuries in foot

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  • Chronic Injury: PF and soft tissue injuries in foot

    Hey vast, intelligent, wise community, I need a little help.

    A couple of yrs ago, I lost weight following CW by counting calories & exercising (running, weight lifting). Lost about 40lbs then I suffered from a torn PF in my left foot and gradually put it all back on.

    That injury has healed by using prolo-therapy and stopping running. As I started working out again, including running/walking and weights, my right foot starting having issues in the PF area. Over the last year, the issue now encompasses my right foot from about the base of my toe bones up into my calf. It is plantar fasciitis, I am certain. And I believe there's other soft tissue problems in there. But nothing I do is helping it.

    If I go to a podiatrist/PT doctor, they'll want to inject cortisone, put me in a boot and add orthodics. The cortisone shot in my left foot is what led to it eventually tearing. So I don't want to go that route again.

    Rest doesn't help. Wearing a boot doesn't help. And my insurance has changed so that I cannot do the prolo-therapy. As I've cut out grains, my over all inflammation has decreased...except in the right foot.

    I realize I may be asking a lot. But, I want to go on longer walks/hikes without being hobbled the next day. Sprints are a distant dream. As the weather's gotten nicer, am doing more outside. Am doing the tennis ball/frozen bottle massages and stretching. Ice and hot soaks temporarily help. Epsom salts the same.

    Tall order I know. Has anyone else experienced this type of injury and what did you do to fix it?

    It's getting a little old being gimpy.

    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!

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    Haven't had this kind of injury but I follow a protocol anytime I feel something and it works out for me and others also:

    Massage, massage, massage... seriously touch is one of the most healing actions you can take
    Supplement with turmeric, increase fish oil, and Glucosamine and Chondroitin (anti-inflammatories, pro-joint/muscular/tissue health)
    Look up therapy on google if you can't afford professional help
    Avoid inflammatory foods like the devil
    Get plenty of sleep and rest
    do what you can, for you that means upper body
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      What does PF stand for?

      I tweaked my left foot. Over Pres. Weekend... I THINK it was related to wearing new runners that turned out to be too narrow. Which I think is something you buy when your kids are chanting while you're trying on shoes, and just hurry through the process.

      The pain has been off and on, and extends up my shin (kind of like shin splints), and I'm now getting calf cramps... I think I'm holding my foot weird while I sleep... as this is when the lower leg pain happens...

      I'm also suspicious of a stress fracture (too much damn weight on my frame)... I've had one before, and my Dr. had me just walk through it ... Foot pain is really interferring...

      I'm off to google the type of therapy you discuss... GOOD LUCK!!!


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        I had plantar fasciitis something fierce last year! Very frustrating and extremely painful. I tried every exercise and frozen juice can rolling, too, but it didn't help. For me, it was the combination of losing 20 pounds and getting some New Balance shoes. The PF was gone in less than a week of buying the new shoes and hasn't returned.


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          I've been hobbling around for almost 2 months following a barefoot deadlifting session in the gym. I finally went to the podiatrist, just last week, and it turns out I have a Lisfranc Fracture and myositis of the extensor digitorum brevis. I feel ya, man. I REALLY want to begin "playing" outside but I was told to take 2400 mg of NSAID's/day and to keep the foot immobilized for 4-6 weeks. Well, it's been a week and my foot feels OK but I'm worried about jumping into exercise too quickly and prolonging the injury. I'm also worried about this injury being recurrent and that's a bit depressing. A soft tissue injury in the foot is a bytch and I've been told that it's better to simply break a bone as it heals more quickly.

          Who knows, who knows...
          I began this Primal journey on December 30th, 2009 and in that time I've lost over 125 LBS.


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            OMG... OF COURSE... PF - plantars Fac... I had this for over 6 months the pain was unreal... THE ONLY thing that worked for me... my Birkenstock sandals. They "supported" my foot, but allowed some pretty natural movement. Seems like it took about 4-6 weeks of constant wearing to relieve the pain. Did lots of foot soaks, not sure that helped, but it felt good.


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              Try the exercises for foot pain (click on the image of the foot on this page) on the Egoscue site:
              Check out my blog here.


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                Thanks everyone for your responses! I have recently picked up a new pair of NB trail shoes that have a neutral cushioning. I wear them most of the time now because they're so comfortable. I've started wearing really soft flip flops so that I can work on stretching my toes/feet randomly throughout the day. Just can't wear those to work (hence the NBs).
                Massage, yes. I have a foam roller and try to do that as I can. But due to my 'bulk', my arms give out quickly. Some is better than none.

                I'll definitely check out the link listed. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I may have to check into a podiatrist but I don't want to spend co-pay after co-pay to find a doctor who won't just immediately want to use steriods or surgery.

                Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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                  Jokaman in your opinion was your injury vibram related then?
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                    Perhaps Active Release may help you. Here is a link to some more info: I swear by it for all of my weight training mishaps.
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                      +1 on the massage and foam rolling. At the start of barefoot running, I went through several experiences dealing with PF (and still do occasionally). The amt of stress our feet are subject to makes them the perfect locations for developing adhesions in the soft tissues as well as overstressing the many tendons and ligaments.
                      Once I begin feeling that familiar pain in my feet, in all kinds of different locations from the sides to the toes to the heels, I break out either a tennis ball or golf ball and go to town rolling my feet out. Depending of the severity, it can hurt like hell and you WILL be sore the next day, but repeated efforts rolling out the tender areas and I eventually experience relief.
                      I've heard people have good results with hydrotherapy as well, which consists of alternating hot/cold water baths. The idea is that by using hot water to dialate blood vessels and then cold water to contrict them in alternating cycles, you are thermally forcing an increased blood flow to the injured area. More blood flow = faster healing, especially in areas such as the feet that suffer from reduced blood flow as is.

                      Oh and cortisone shots are a band-aid, temporary relief without addressing the cause of the problem. Avoid them if at all possible, and work on physiotheraphy.


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                        Active Release is AMAZING!!!!! had a Chiro use it on me after the twins were born, and my upper back was taking a beating from the constant weight increase and lifting... it can hurt while doing it...