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BF% machines now at QFC pharmacies.

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  • BF% machines now at QFC pharmacies.


    It's totally free and anonymous - but you can create a user profile if you want.

    It prints a ticket with all your numbers on it = Hydration, Body Fat %, Weight, BMI, blood pressure.

    Only takes like three minutes to do.


    Uses electric current to check your BF%, so no babies or pacemakers - and I wonder about long-term side effects.

    In a public place with weird people.

    They're apparently consistent, I got the same result three times in a row (standing up, resetting the program completely!). I've been going every work day on the way home and watching my numbers fluctuate. Right now my body fat % stays right about 18%, which seems high because I can see my abs - but google images does show the variability there. This makes it a fun challenge, to see if I can get my body fat down to 16%, for kicks and giggles. I'm at a very healthy weight and all my lab numbers, etc., show good health. But I like a challenge here and there.

    Anybody else see or use these new machines? Surprised by the numbers?
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    I have one of the at home scales. My scale has an option for normal or athlete. Normal I am in the mid to high teens, athlete mode I am always under 10%. The average of the two is usually around 13% which is the score I get using calipers and the photos around the net.

    Like BMI, there is a lot of "averages" in these machines.
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        Yeah, but it's still fun. Even if not a true number, it shows changes - however distorted. I DO like that it gives a hydration number.
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          I have one at home. If I change my age input it give a different % output. They can give you an indication if you bf is changing but I don't trust the actual number read out
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