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  • Exercises at work?

    Hey there,
    So I am just recently trying to incorporate exercise into my daily life because my jobs before have always sort of involved it naturally (raft guiding, backpacking, etc). Now I am going back to school and got a job at a natural foods store while I do so. Here is my issue: I eat a nice, greens and protein heavy breakfast and then go to work all day, and my energy levels reach a high point about mid-day. This is when I want to exercise, but obviously I am at work and can't do so. So I have been trying to come up with a few exercises to do while I am there - I do lifts on the counter by the cash register, squats, and other light movements when I can get away with it. I am on my feet all day and do a fair bit of walking. But I want to come up with some clever ways to sneak some good strengthening exercises into my everyday life. My other issue is that I just can't seem to motivate to exercise in the morning and by the end of the day I am wiped. My fibromyalgia is also a factor in this - primal eating has helped a LOT but I still have energy issues, and want to get as much out of my periods of energy as possible! Any tips out there?

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    you should be able to fit in the big body weight movements throughout the day. OSHA requires that you get breaks, so if you want to squeeze it all into a short period you can do it then...or just take 2-3 minutes periodically to do more squats and push ups. ask your boss if you can install some kind of pull up bar near the bathroom or breakroom and do a set every time you walk by. are there any heavy-ish things there, like large bags of dog food? if so, you can do ground-to-overhead lifts. if not, bring your own (sandbag) and just leave it there or in your car.
    the key to keeping these exercises short is to make them harder, up the intensity. if squats are too easy, try jumping squats or split squats. if push ups or pull ups are too easy, make them explosive. take a look at mark's primal blueprint fitness for good progression levels for the major exercises. with the right intensity, you can work your muscles really well in under 5 minutes.


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      I work out at lunch and absolutely love it. Is there any flexibility with your schedule?


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        Originally posted by arthurb999 View Post
        I work out at lunch and absolutely love it. Is there any flexibility with your schedule?
        Not really, we have 30 minutes for lunch - Ive been thinking about trying to wear clothes i can work out in and going outside to do some exercising but its also been coooold here in CO as of late haha.

        primalrob- those are some great ideas, thank you!


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          When I worked at a Food Lion, I used to lunge walk down the aisles (with no people to wonder), restock shelves (grab a cart, take things off shelves and put them back up organized), dips off any available surface that allowed it, wall pushups or pushups off the same edge I used for dips, jumping jacks, and a fun one...putting all kinds of heavy stuff in a cart and running it around the store a few times (I worked midnight shift..).

          Now I'm in a cubicle...on workout days I just hide in my cubicle and stretch, do squats and do pushups, every time I have downtime. Throughout the course of the day, I probably do 80-100 of each. Those are workout days when I haven't worked out in the morning before work for some reason or another.


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            I work alone in a small office (it's a small business and my boss and his wife are semi-retired and frequently out of the office) so I just get up occasionally and do whatever. Lunges, push ups, yoga, planks, stretches, jumping jacks, running in place. If I start to feel stiff, I try to do something, because my job is a desk job and I can literally sit until my butt goes numb so it's good to get up and move for a few minutes.
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              I work in a suit and tie. Every 45 min to an hour I go the washroom, lock the door, remove my jacket, do 15 deep squats, 5 pushups, 2-5 chinups off the washroom stall then wash my hands and back to work. In a day I can get in 100-150 or more squats, 30-50+ pushups and 10-50+ chins. It takes all of about 4 minutes each time- a typical washroom break. Some days it it less, depends on how busy I am.
              My co-workers think I am nuts with my standup desk so the only thing I do in my office is occasional wall sits.