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Strength good, conditioning bad. Help.

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    Your body will adapt to how you train it, so for instance if you train mostly at a large 1RM % then your body will increase in strength. If you want better conditioning as to say for muscular endurance during movements then you need to decrease weight and do more reps. You will find as you do more reps with less weight the burning and fatigue will go away as your body adapts. Sometimes it's not all about explosive strength and power.


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      Originally posted by heatseeker View Post
      She recommended interval workouts at 30s work : 1min rest, going balls-out effort for the 30s. So, basically, a tabata-style protocol.
      This is what I would recommend. Interval training is the best way to improve endurance. Tabatas are fine, but don't limit yourself to those. I tend to think that the rest period (10 seconds) in tabatas is not long enough to allow you to recover properly so that your intensity during the work intervals decreases as you go through the reps. I do Tabatas from time to time but usually only when I absolutely have no time to do a proper workout. (Such as the night before a final when I was still in school.)

      Try doing the 30 second-1 minute protocol, or even a 30 or 40 second/1.5 minute protocol. Try it on a treadmill. 30 or 40 second sprint, 1.5 minute rest. I find that, for me, if I jog instead of walk during the rest interval, my endurance improves more quickly. I keep the intensity of the work intervals the same at every rep, but I increase the length of the rest intervals as needed as the reps increase.

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        Awesome tips, thanks. I'm going to try to put all of this into practice.


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          I am 100% agree with the statement mentioned above.Improve your weakness is the order of the day here! Less heavy compound, more machines and dumbells and lots of reps and volume. Start out gradually and build up on reps and sets shortening of rest periods etc.