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Increasing Speed/Sprinting

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  • Increasing Speed/Sprinting

    There are quite a few sources linked for strength (leangains, starting strength, etc...) Anyone have good resources for getting faster and jumping higher and having quicker hands?

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    Practicing, strength training. Build up your squats, sprint, and jump... honestly I can't imagine there being much more to it than that. Build the neural connections required to be faster by doing endless repetitions.
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      Just google information for sprinters. Most of it is techniques and some tips.
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        agreed...get some info on sprinting training. along with a good lifting routine (probably power moves), getting out and sprinting and jumping will be the best thing. what you will want to find out or experiment with is how much, how long, how often, and how much rest. if you're looking to increase you sprinting speed, i'm guessing you'll need to cut your number of sprints way down, and give yourself at least 5-10 minutes of rest in between them.


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          Tudor Bompa writes about ideal training approaches for sprinters. He has a handy chart in this book:

          Periodization Training for Sports - 2nd Edition: Tudor Bompa, Michael Carrera: 9780736055598: Books

          The chart outlines how many sets, at what duration, at what intensity, and with what rest intervals you should train for different purposes (i.e. sprinter, football player, intermediate distance runner, distance runner, etc.).

          Bompa is the guy who pioneered periodization training (or at least the guy that brought it to Western countries). The theory is that you get better results by training in phases instead of doing the same thing 12 months a year.

          I'm in China and my book is in Canada so I can't scan/upload the chart for you unfortunately. Your library probably has it though.


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              Sprinting is anarobic, based off of your power
              If you want to increase your speed then you want to increase your power
              To increase your power train the olympic lifts: the snatch, the clean & jerk; afterward run sprints until your heart explodes
              This is neurological training that will alter the number of your muscle fibers recruited as well as their speed in contracting

              That was your answer on how to increase your speed through training and practice

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