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What are your thoughts on Muscle Stimulators

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  • What are your thoughts on Muscle Stimulators

    I'm just curious what are everyone's thoughts. Have you used them before.

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    Are you talking about the electric shock thingies my PT puts on me? They kind of tickle/sting and the muscle they're on clenches up? If so, I don't mind them but I honestly don't know their purpose. When I go in for PT he does all kinds of wacky stuff to me that I don't understand. The only thing I know is it makes me feel better.


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      Yea that's exactly what I'm talking about. If you got injured and you didn't want to lose muscle loss you could use it. Also it's good for muscle soreness after tough workouts.


      • #4's the thing, you can use them for a variety of things depending on condition your working with. There are different currents and protocols on the professional models. For instance interferntial muscle stimulation and pre mod are good for relieving pain, relaxing muscles, and increasing blood flow. Those can be used in conjunction with other therapies like moist heat and in my neck of the woods is followed by a chiro adjustment. Russian stim and such can be used for muscle-reeducation (think post stroke bio-feedback and such) and reducing atrophy. None of them are very good for building muscle....human movement will always trump any results from EMS. As to "if you were injured" well that depends what kind of injury and if stimulating contraction around the injury site would interfere with joint stability and healing, but yes you can reduce atrophy with them. Will need some professional guidance though for anything outside of using those little home TENS units that are predominantly prescribed for managing chronic pain.

        Confession: About 15 years ago I had the "ab-belt". This thing was on late night tv and as a young guy I thought it would be really cool to come home from the gym, crack open a beer and let my ab belt work me into a six pack. Alas it was a futile dream
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          I got a lot of those EMS treatments when I pulled my left trapezius on a bad split jerk. The PT I go to does both active release therapy and chiro adjustments. Once he's done delivering the screaming pain of the ART, he hooks me up to the EMS and then does heavy-duty massage with a little metal jackhammer thingy. It's all extremely effective. That trap pull healed up within a week, and I only had to modify overheads in a couple workouts.