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needing ideas for modifying the LHT - arthritic hands

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  • needing ideas for modifying the LHT - arthritic hands

    I am just getting started on the fitness plan and really need some ideas. I had surgeries on both my wrists about 15 years ago and they are basically fused in neutral position at this point. There its no wrist movement up/down. So I cannot physically put my hands into a pushup or plank position. I Also have arthritic hands so I can't put my weight on my fist for pushups, planks. Right now I am managing ok with level 1 of pushups - against the wall, but I'm trying to figure out how I can physically modify the other levels. I figured there has to be at least a few people here with bad hands.... So what do you all do to modify? I have been lifting weights at the gym to compensate but I know its not the same because I'm not working my core muscles nearly as much.

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    You might be able to put two dumbbells on the floor and use them sort of like handles to do pushups (so you don't have to put your knuckles right on the ground). Sometimes there are playgrounds where you could use the sides of a ladder to do pushups rather than the steps if they are angled just right. It depends on the apparatus in the playground. They all seem to be different.

    You could do squats holding a dumbbell. You could probably also do regular barbell squats since you're supposed to not really grip the bar and you're supposed to keep your wrist neutral. At least according to the form suggestions of Mark Rippetoe.

    The whole sandbag training thing might also work for you since you can grasp and hold sandbags in lots of different ways.
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      Oh - I like the dumbbell idea! I wonder how stable it would be... hmmm, I wonder if I can use the chin up bar set really low on the doorframe. That would be a lot more stable.

      Thanks for the ideas!


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        How about doing your planks on your Forearms.


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          That would probably be more stable than using dumbells if you're concerned about that

          And +1 for using barbell exercises... most of them dont require any wrist bending.


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            Originally posted by workinprogress View Post
            How about doing your planks on your Forearms.
            isn't that the hardest level for planks -using the forearms? I have very weak arms and core so I was planning to start from level 1. But I suppose I could start with forearms and just work on building up the seconds.


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              I could be wrong, but I think on your forearms is easier. You don't have to stabilize the elbow as much.