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advice for newbie with sprinting injuries

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  • advice for newbie with sprinting injuries

    Hi all,
    A former Pac-10 athlete here (shot, discus, basketball), out of shape, overweight, and trying to rev up to full primal workouts. Enjoying everything primal but sprinting. It seems that about every other time I really turn on the jets, I pull a muscle or two in my calves. I avoid sprinting for a couple of weeks to recover. Cycle starts again.
    I warm up with less intense stuff (jumping jacks, a good vigorous hike) and am also stretching out pretty thoroughly every day (carefully with a sprain), but it doesn't seem to matter much. I am thinking that I need to strengthen those calf muscles--but how? Advice on exercises or strategies to stop the vicious cycle so I can get back into shape much appreciated.